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Nov 9, 2008 04:35 AM

Italian Restaurant Rec - Dallas

We've got a group of runners heading to Dallas for the White Rock Marathon & Half-Marathon next month. We'd like to find a local Italian place that can seat approximately 20 of us around 6:00 on a Saturday evening. We're not looking for anything really high-end, price wise....just good food and casual atmosphere. Most are staying near the American Airlines Center, but are willing to drive 10-20 miles out for something that fits this description. Any recommendations would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance and I'm glad to follow this post up with a review of our experience.

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  1. Sorry I can't offer any recommendations for inexpensive Italian able to seat a party of 20 but I'll be running the marathon too. Hope you guys enjoy Dallas and have a great race!

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      I always suggest this place because i love it so....Arcodoro Pomodoro - right off Mckinney ave and 5 min cab ride from American Airlines (i think on Routh St). Although more of a 'fancier/expensive' Italian meal, they would be able to accommodate a large group since they have a party room. You would probably be able to set the menu beforehand with them also....certainly if you are looking to get a nice big place of plain pasta with red sauce and some appetizers the night before a race. They always do a great job with big groups.

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        Having run several marathons myself, I don't think Arcodoro/Pompodoro is what they They might be happier at Macaroni Grill or Olive Garden. There is a local italian place called Penne Pompodoro. There are several locations. It's terrific and will do all types of pasta!

        Good Luck

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          Thanks! I understand the Macaroni Grill and Olive Garden suggestions, but we really are trying to avoid those places, since a lot of out-of-towners will probably be flocking to them. Also, I know there is far better food in Dallas! :)

          I'll definitely look up the website for Penne Pompodoro, though. Thanks again!

    2. Tony's Pizza and Pasta on Northwest Highway near Ferguson. It's in the front of the shopping center and there is a big Albertson's grocery store in the shopping area behind it. It's a very small place, so call ahead and you can reserve their party room. It's very near White Rock Lake.

      This is good, basic Italian with a wide variety of pastas and very good pizza. They bring out baskets of garlic knots and bowls of their good, thick marinara for dipping when you sit down. Everything is sort of your basic American - Italian, but they have penne a la vodka and a spaghetti with chicken and white wine and artichokes - that kind of thing. Large portions as well.

      AND! It's BYOB. I don't think anything on the menu is over 10 dollars. It's very casual - our soccer team goes sometimes after a late game.

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        Tony's Pizza & Pasta sounds great, too! I'll check out their website, as well, and report to the group.

        All other suggestions are welcome....thanks!!

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          I do like Penne Pomodoro also but afraid they can't do a large group. We went with a family of 10 and it was a mess. And it was an 'early seating'. It was packed with tons of kiddos.

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