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Nov 9, 2008 04:34 AM

Traditional American Diner

Hi everyone

I'm visiting NYC again in December/January and looking for a good old fashioned diner.

Don't mind where it is in Manhattan as we'll travel for good chow.

We're looking for solid, home cooked food in a friendly atmosphere and particularly interested in breakfast.

Any suggestions?

Once we've pinpointed a diner I'll post up our food itinerary for scrutiny.....:-)

Thanks everyone


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  1. Most diners are more Greek than American but I'd reccomend The Comfort Diner or Kitchenette is your looking for big-mama portions.


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    1. re: chocolatebirthdaycake

      Although most diners are owned by Greeks, no one would really consider them Greek, hey really are an American staple.

      If the OP is looking for breakfast food at breakfast time, I'd recommend Penelopes on 30th and Lex. its a quaint little place that has great breakfast and is really comforting. Although on the weekends it gets hectic there. Kitchenette is a good suggestion too.

      If you are looking for breakfast all day, no true diners in the city really stand out as anything special. And they are not usually a place you'd travel far to get to. The best one near where I live is Sunflower Diner on 26th and 3rd but its certainly not worth a trip across town to go to. Same goes for Comfort diner. Cafeteria is an upscale faux diner might be good for out of towners. Or you may want to try a Balthazar type place for breakfast as well.

      1. re: ESNY

        I agree with Penelope. It's probably the closest thing to a diner in the city that has actually delicious food.

    2. My favorite down home diner is Broadway Restaurant on 101st and Broadway, an iconic Manhattan diner.