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Nov 9, 2008 04:03 AM

Honeybells - Best Mail Order Source

I'm getting ready to set up my Christmas orders and was going to send some Honeybells to a couple of people. What is the best place to order them? I've gotten them from Hale Groves in the past, but wasn't happy with the quality. I had ordered from a place with Ridge in the name but can't remember the rest of the name. They had much better quality, but I don't think were online.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. When I lived in Florida, these folks were just a couple miles from our house. Shipments to northern relatives were always done well.

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      Even though we're a little south of the place, Mixon is our go-to when shipping fruit up north. Google has reviews for even more input.

    2. I've ordered honeybells and other citrus from Cushman's and plan to order from them again

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        Coupon code "Frosty" gets you free shipping.

      2. I've ordered from Cushmans and they grade them, charge more for the best. And that's the way to go, fewer more perfect version. The smaller honeybell in larger quantities often arrive with a few quite rotten ones.

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          I've used Cushman for several years after my then-Florida resident kid sent us some. We always order the small ones for us, and twice have had one that was bad. I emailed them immediately when it happened and they sent more as an apology. Will order from them again, too.

        2. ridge island groves i just ordered a bushell. i usually order from harveys groves and they are fantastic.but the price went up this year so i thought i would try ridge island .better price .i hope they are as good as harveys ?

          1. Try a search for minneola tangelos producers in the Indian River Valley. You will probably get a better deal for the same fruit.