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Nov 9, 2008 02:59 AM


we've found a neat place to buy really FRESH seafood in Hollywood - Triar Seafood
out of the way spot off Dixie Highway - unique hours - I believe m-thurs 7-7, fri til noon. Closed weekends. Great assortment of fish, even fish from Australia!
Very nice folks who are very accomodating. I think that they sell their fish all around the country to the best chefs. Worth checking out.

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  1. Triar Seafood Hollywood:

    Tried to find this place yesterday. Is there a storefront? The address is in an industrial area and hard to locate. Any tips on finding the place or am i missing something?

    Is the retail area in another location?

    Any info would be great! Please Help!

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      2046 mckinley st hollywood bay #7
      very much in industrial area, but not too hard to find - no store front
      well worth the trip - wholesale to the public
      corner of mckinley and dixie - call on the way - we did that and they gave us great directions into the warehouse - like an old boston fish setting - we walked amongst the fish and picked out all that we wanted - loved it - great people running it, too 954-921-1113