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Nov 8, 2008 10:36 PM

Pizza Hut or Domino's Pizza

So I'm trying to decide between Pizza Hut or Domino's for my daughter's birthday party. I haven't had Pizza Hut in a while (I eat pretty healthy nowadays) but I do remember liking it. Domino's is ok from what I remember but on the dry side and I remember not loving their crust. So what's your favorite between the two? Also, what do you usually order? Thin crust, pan crust, etc.? I live in Irvine - don't know if this makes a difference but guess some people would prefer a specific location for their pizza delivery too. Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. The lesser of 2 evils is Pizza Hut. Domino's is oversalted cardboard.

    Try the Pizza Hut Supreme Pan Pizza - A guilty pleasure of mine every once in a while.

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      1. What a coincidence. My two favorite pizza places when I was younger.I think if you go with Pizza Hut, you have to go classic crust. All my delicious childhood memories of Pizza Hut have the original crust. Dominos became the norm as a teenage because I could always find the 3 on 3 deal (Standard crust).

        I've moved on to neo style pizza now though from local joints and haven't eaten at Hut or Dominos for almost a decade. I have tried the thin crust at Pizza Hut which is decent, but never another Dominos crust option. I think most kids would enjoy the standard original crusts from either establishment, because of the gooey, cheesy factor. I don't have kids so I don't speak from experience, but rarely ever see young kids enjoying thin crusts when I'm out at any pizza joint.

        1. I'd say find something else but if it really has to come down to these 2, go with Pizza Hut and their pan pizza. It's the lesser of 2 evils. I've found Domino's ingredients to have a really weird artifical taste to them.

          1. Beyond a dadow of a shout, Pizza Hut's Pan Pizza. When cooked properly, PH's Pan has a golden brown crust that's slightly crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. It is not a really deep dish pizza, however thicker than the cracker thin crust of their original or heaven forbid, Domino's.

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              I have to take back my mention of the original crust from Pizza Hut, as I assumed for a lack of better knowledge, that their original crust was the pan pizza crust. Thanks for the correction BNF, I did know the original wasn't the pan pizza crust.