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Nov 8, 2008 08:39 PM

Gourmet Burger Company - Cabbagetown

So Cabbagetown's gentrification continues with yet another upscale foodie joint.

The paper isn't off the windows yet but The Gourmet Burger Company looks like it is set to open very soon. Just north of Johnny G's where the old Wing Machine used to be.

Anyone have an inside scoop on this place? Burgers are the one thing this area is really lacking in!

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  1. I thought that name sounded kinda chainy/franchisey. Most humans name it after themselves, their loved ones, their location, or something inspirational. Oh well. Hope they make a good burger.

    Personally what I think the neighbourhood lacks is one great greasy spoon style burger served in a clean, safe environment. I have my Weezie's for upscale. Let's put it this way: I won't be ordering the "Foie Gras Burger". For once I wish a marketing firm would realize just how cute a word Wagyu is and stop misusing Kobe. Of course if this isn't the right company then, well, colour me embarrased.

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    1. re: Googs

      Given that the website you link to is for a single restaurant in Dublin, Ireland, I sort of doubt that it has any connection to this new Cabbagetown joint.

      And pretty much all of the fancy-pants indie burger joints that have opened in Toronto in the past couple of years have fairly generic names - Burger Shoppe, Craft Burger, Terra Burger, etc. - so I wouldn't be surprised if this is similar situation.

      Then again, some Irish sandwich shop chain opened a location down on Toronto Street a while back, so you never know...

      1. re: gregclow

        Although this website is probably not connected to the new Cabbagetown outlet, they ARE looking for franchisees. The pictured burgers look delicious and the product descriptions would be worthy of investigation. Anything is possible - Cob's bakery is based in Australia.

        The only indie thing about Burger Shoppe is its failure to grow. They were talking about blanketing the area with franchise outlets within virtual minutes of their opening. Pretentious....

        1. re: embee

          Isn't there a second Burger Shoppe opening on Ossington?...Marimba!

          1. re: Marimba

            I have no idea but, if one is. I won't be going.

            1. re: Marimba

              Yes. It's planned to be more of a sit-down restaurant with a longer menu as opposed to a fast-food place. Full name is to be Burger Shoppe Quality Meats, or something like that.

          2. re: gregclow

            Tell you what: If they're a franchise they have a slick logo. If they have a slick logo AND they have their marketing poop together it will already be up, open or not. I'll take a boo and report.

            And what embee said: Ambition and pretention often leads to contraction. Deliver the goods and people will ask you to franchise.

            1. re: gregclow

              I didn't notice earlier that you think they have only one location. Gourmet Burger is all over the UK. I had one near my hotel last time I was there. That said, the logo is not a match. Not sure who these guys are. Inside looks kinda nice for where it's at right now. At least a nice burger bar. As far as chain/franchise or not I don't care one bit. Still a fan of Toby's Good Eats when they were still, well, good eats.

              1. re: Googs

                I think Gourmet Burger KITCHEN is the chain you're thinking of - - as the Gourmet Burger CO. that you linked to looks to be a single location in Dublin, at least based on the website.

                Anyway - agreed with you on the chain vs. non-chain thing. As long as the food is good, it doesn't matter to me that much.

                And also agreed with you on Toby's in the good ol' days. Not to mention Lick's.

                1. re: gregclow

                  I believe, Greg, that you are our winner in the "Who ARE these people?" contest. Cajun burger you say...

                  1. re: Googs

                    Googs - I honestly have no clue what you're on about in your reply to me.

                    What "people" am I supposed to be by winning this contest you're talking about?

                    Seriously, you've totally lost me.

                    1. re: gregclow

                      I have no doubt I'm making too much of it, but your link led to a menu. The common thread between your link and this place is the Cajun burger. A thin thread, but still makes me curious. Chain or copycat?

                      I found a Toby's style burger in Amsterdam of all places. Just one on the menu, not a selection of a dozen, but one perfect Toby's burger in a pub with a LARGE selection of beer. Let me know if you're interested as to where.

                      1. re: Googs

                        Ah, got it. I didn't look at the menu on that link I found, so I didn't make the Cajun connection.

                        And now that you mention it, that menu also includes a "Kiwiburger" which is pretty much identical to the "Aussie Burger" this new place has, according to the description elsewhere in this thread.

                        I suspect copycat more than chain.

                        And if I'm ever heading to Amsterdam, I'll let you know... ;)

            2. re: Googs

              Hmmmm I thought Johnny G's could almost have a picture beside the definition 'Greasy Spoon'. There is also Chew Chew's which would probably meet your expectations in a pretty cool environment as well.

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. Is there take-out or is it one of these overpretentious trendy burger places where you eat it with a knife and fork and bottle of expensive red wine?

                Address anyone?

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                1. re: duckdown

                  Dude, it's in Cabbagetown. Just extend your pinkie when drinking XXX from the brown paper bag. You'll fit in okay. Honestly I doubt they even have a liquor license yet.

                  There's a pic of the interior on this page. Do those people look like they'd kick your ass for not selecting the correct wine?

                  Not that I've had a burger there yet so this is not an endorsement, but... Take-out yes. West side of Parliament spitting distance north of Carlton. Not that I'm encouraging spitting.

                  1. re: Googs

                    lmao, sweet

                    i got a kick out of that one, thanks

                    i'll check them out ;)

                    gotta say though -- i've been really happy with The Burger Shack on Eglinton lately , their home made burger (they have 2 kinds of burgers) is great and the rings are pretty good too (ask for them well done IMO)


                2. Drove by tonight and the place was packed!

                  Definately know where I am stopping off for lunch tomorrow. Mmmmm Burger and Onion Rings!!!!

                  Will report in shortly after!

                  1. Ok food dudes..

                    This is it.

                    Gourmet Burger Co Rocks it with the Best.

                    I wondered in for lunch today and was pleasantly surprised to see the very first burger on the menu was called an 'Aussie Burger'.

                    Now that's a tall claim to fame.

                    An Aussie Burger is traditionally a hand molded beef paddy, Bacon, Fried Egg, slice of Beet, a slice of Pineapple and lettuce with BBQ sauce. Completely unobtainable in Toronto.

                    Up and down the East coast in AUS it's a staple food.
                    Best consumed after a solid morning's surf session and almost always accompanied by a chocolate milk OR a coke. A good one should see you through to dinner...

                    So I sez to the gal at the front, "you've got a lot of nerve claiming you can make an Aussie Burger"! And she said "well actually we got an Aussie making the burgers"

                    Ian ward is the man behind grill, behind the whole idea.

                    Anyways, the place is buzzing and about 7 mins later (greater than 5. . <10).
                    An Aussie Burger is packed in paper and placed lovingly in a brown paper bag with Gourmet Burger Company proudly on the front.
                    10 / 10 for keeping it green folks.

                    And the end product . .

                    Bloody beautiful. Delicious actually.

                    The bun was one of those square types with a fine flour dusted over it.
                    No need to add the usual 'kill taste' satchels of colored flavored crap here.
                    This Burger is made from All Fresh Ingredients.
                    It's the real thing. A good AUS burger should drip, so be sure NOT to eat it in the car.

                    The rest of the menu looks extensive and the decor has a tasteful up market feel.

                    And I am so proud that Ian's picked Parliament Street to introduce it.

                    It's sure to fly.

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                    1. re: Cooking Koala

                      But still no answer to the crucial question: WILL THEY COOK A BURGER TO TASTE???

                      1. re: embee

                        WILL THEY COOK A BURGER TO TASTE???

                        The burger I had tasted great - perfect combo of flavor, ingredient variety and freshness. Was also juicy.

                        Canadians have been ripped off for too long. . .
                        Take Webber's for example, crowds line up for a dry meat patty with cheese on a below average bun with crap trimmings. Their patties are made with bread crumbs. What a rip off!!

                        This burger joint is giving people what they're paying for; a quality product, in time
                        and with a friendly smile.

                        And I'm sure if you asked, they will accommodate your request of cooking your burger to your special taste requirements..

                        1. re: Cooking Koala

                          I think he means in terms of doneness -- will they cook your burger medium-rare or medium rather than well-done.

                          1. re: Jacquilynne

                            Yes, that's exactly what I mean :-)

                          2. re: Cooking Koala

                            i think embee means if they'll cook a burger rare/medium.. etc