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Nov 8, 2008 07:54 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner - Charlotte

Repost -- Looking for a nice place to GO for Thanksgiving in Charlotte or Charlotte area. Thank you

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  1. This is an annual question that has the same (usual) answer...most restaurants are closed Thanksgiving. The best and often only place to dine is a hotel dining room. Having read adverts in the local paper, I have seen some that are offering Thanksgiving specials. I seem to recall that someone,Dean&DeLuca perhaps, has a complete take home dinner. It actually may have been one of the hotels doing this. Ballantyne Resort Hotel is one with a good rep for holiday dining. Check and see if this has not been addressed this year.

    1. Try this link below, it offers several nice options. Gobble, Gobble

      1. Two years ago we went to the Marriot in South Park for a pretty decent buffet.
        They had everything you can think of on that buffet.
        This year went to make reservations there again and guess what?
        They are not doing it because they did not get enough reservations.
        Times are tough ,cut backs and all.
        The Westin might be a good option.
        Most Thanksgiving buffets cater to brunch .
        I prefer a bit later.

        1. Upstream, Mimosa Grill and Zink are all open. I'd call then for specific hours but I think they're open most all day. All are nice places...especially Upstream.

          1. or, if you want to skip the entire hotel thing (you poor folks in Charlotte don't have Southern buffets "down on the farm" that are open for Thanksgiving like we have out here in the Triangle?), you could always stop by highly-acclaimed and downright authentic Mert's Heart and Soul in downtown Charlotte to pick up a southern feast that you ordered from them in advance. see

            the food you get from there is undoubtedly more "down-home" and probably less expensive than shelling out the dough to some generic hotel operation.