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Nov 8, 2008 07:08 PM

Anybody been to Barbara Lynch's new place, Sportello?

Has anybody been to Barbara Lynch's new place on congress street? Opened Wednesday or Thursday this past week. Wondering what they are serving there, hours, etc.

A friend who works at No. 9 said the truffled gnocchi are there after leaving along with No.9's cafe menu. But wondering what else.

Let me know.

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  1. I always loved the truffled gnocchi -- it would be great if the recently departed cafe menu ended up there!

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      Never had the original gnocchi referenced, but tried the dish on the menu at Sportello for lunch today and it was the best gnocchi I've ever eaten - light, flavorful little puffs bathed in rich cream sauce with wild mushrooms/peas and (I think) truffle flavor - wow! It was totally worth the $16 or $18 price. This dish makes the place a preferred destination for pricey lunches for me in the future.

      DC had the bolognese and deemed it "fine, not memorable" - I agree - it should be bolder and more flavorful and was pretty salty. The serving was small as well - not a repeat.

      Tiramisu shared for dessert was left half-finished (this does not happen often!) - too cheesy, too chocolately, cake layers too dry, no discernible booze at all, and way too little coffee flavor.

      It was busy and nearly full for this holiday lunch and the servers, cooks, and manager were all friendly and doing a great job.

      The takeout area with baked goods and ready to reheat entrees (including that gnocchi - would it really work to reheat it??) were very enticing - it's a shame those nice croissants aren't available before 11am at this point.

    2. Haven't stopped by 9 Park in a while. They're not serving a bar menu any more? So what do they offer for food in the bar area?

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        tasting menu & prix fixe menu, which can be ordered a la carte. no ordering food while sitting in the lounge seats by the window, not sure about at the bar proper. all tables in what was formerly the "cafe" now have the regular menu.

      2. Is this Drink during the evening? - the street address is the same on the websites and the counter setup looks a lot like the bar...makes sense to get more use out of the space, but with different names? Or are they in different parts of the same building?

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          They are in the same building. I believe that Sportello is upstairs from Drink(?)

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            They are the same entrance from the street, with Sportello being upstairs and Drink being downstairs.

        2. I was there today for lunch. Upscale Euro-diner vibe, with U-shaped counters and stools.

          DC and I had the tagliatelle with bolognese...the sauce was good but the pasta was a bit overcooked to my taste. Fresh pasta needs almost no time in the water and I feel like mine sat too long and bordered on mushy. Service was OK...a little too much 'tude from the spiky-haired waitress considering this is supposed to be a casual-feel lunch joint.

          My quibble is that it's going after the office/convention expense account crowd, not the neighborhood (I live nearby). $17 for a lunch pasta is ridiculous as is $12 for a bowl of soup or salad.

          One surprise was the very nice, properly made cappucino (I know it's a breakfast drink but I was cold and felt like one) which I normally never order anywhere because of how poorly it's usually made.

          I found it a bit annoying (and perhaps this is a Lynchian touch) but they managed to have a DR host/maitre'd but no coat rack! So everyone had to sit on their coats...tough to do when all you have is a fixed stool and the coat is long.