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Nov 8, 2008 05:04 PM

Almost Perfect in Toronto

Does anyone here shop at Almost Perfect in Toronto near the Downsview subway station?

I am wondering if it is safe to buy their frozen fish products.

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  1. Almost Safe? I wouldn't buy from there myself, though I've no experience so I don't really know. why not go buy fresh stuff from St. Lawrence Market or somewhere similar?

    1. I know that place, on Sheppard W as it curves around Downsview park. I checked it out a couple of times a few years ago. The prices are certainly ok, but I do wonder about the quality and source of their product. I think if you`re very careful and cherry-pick there are some worthwhile buys, but I just don`t know how to distinguish the good from the bad. I haven`t been back recently.

      1. There was a comparable store (two branches) downtown way back when called Usher's. Much of their merchandise was damaged, the stores were depressing, and the clientele was mainly the really impoverished. However, I don't recall any problems linked to food bought there.

        I've never seen this place, but they seem to have taken the concept somewhat upmarket. If it seems okay, the food is properly displayed, and they have a green, I can't see any reason not to shop there. This presumes, of course, that you really want what they have available and that the prices are really great.

        It just occurred to me that Honest Ed's used to sell lots of distressed merchandise, including food. It's conceivable that they still do so.

        1. I've been to one in Oshawa, and it's okay. The one in Oshawa isnt like how you guys are describing it.. it's a very well-lit store, and the prices werent that cheap (so cheap that you doubt what you're buying type)... I bought fish there once, but not like filets of fish. It was a North Star brand (I think that's what it's called?), an hors d'oeuvre type of thing, where they have some coconut shrimp, some calamari, .. different types of things in one box. I found that it was more so the brand that I didnt like than the store that was stocking it. I forget how cheap I got it for too. Hope that helps?

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            I've shopped at a couple of Almost Perfect stores in the Durham region, they do sell some imperfect, overstock and close to the date food items, but also stock other first quality foods. Not everything is for sale at liquidation prices and some things are fairly good. A lot of their stock rotates so what might be there one week, may not be there the next time you're in. They usually have some frozen cookie doughs which are pretty good in a pinch.

            They get in frozen cakes and pies that are damaged (broken crust etc) if you pick through them you can usually find something that looks pretty close to perfect.