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Nov 8, 2008 04:59 PM

Roman Pizzeria for Rehearsal Dinner...May

I'm looking for a pizzeria in Rome where I can do a rehearsal dinner party in May 2009. The wedding is going to be on a Sunday, and I imagine most of the guests will be staying in the center of the city (I don't think we'll be providing transport to the rehearsal dinner). Maybe some of you know of some good pizzerias that have private party spaces (Neopolitan pizza would be welcome too), or even a classic Roman trattoria that might be willing to accommodate a private party on a Saturday night. The guest list is going to be approximately 50-60 people. Any and all ideas are welcome!


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  1. Where will most people be staying ... and what are the plans for the next day. I always think it is nice to have something a bit less formal for the night before, but that depends on the wedding day plans. Some others posted with this same question, and I cannot recall their decision, but several people posted for them to try Casa Bleve ... it is great atmosphere, great food and wine, but a bit more formal ... maybe the suggestion was for the actual wedding day dinner to be held at Casa Bleve. Anyway, I thought it was a lovely idea ... also, it depends on what your guests are like -- older, all family, mostly friends, mostly under 40, willing to walk or do they need to be next door to a Taxi stand... etc., give us some more guidance.

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      Thanks PeggyD! The wedding will be at the Villa Aurelia (American Academy). There will be both old and young people attending, family and friends--but I'm hoping to find a pizzeria that's spacious and accommodating to larger groups. Obviously, we don't want to have 2 weddings...which is why pizza came to mind...but I also would like to find someplace that has a space for private parties. I realize that in the center of Rome, bigger spaces are not so easily come by ( I'd rather we not be in a basement). I'm not sure where people will be staying...although likely a bunch will be in Prati, near Castel St. Angelo. All help is much appreciated!

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        Try La Fiametta -- on Piazza Fiametta -- off of Zanardelli -- just across the bridge from Vatican territory ... and around the corner from Hotel Genio ... aren't you going there in November ?? If so, check this place out ... you are having enough people to make it worth their while to reserve several tables to accomodate your street! They have great pizzas, pastas, and salads ... very homey food ... not fancy, but good and at a decent price!