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Nov 8, 2008 04:27 PM

Making madeleines - batter too thick, any tips?

so I tried making madeleines for the first time tonight, using a recipe i found online (no baking powder). the directions called for whisking the eggs to triple their size, adding sugar during whisking, and then folding in lemon zest, vanilla, flour and melted (cooled) butter. my madeleines turned out tasty, most with no humps (likely all the ones that i put in the molds later, and the batter was super thick by then), but i did notice that the batter was very thick, even at the egg+sugar mixture stage, when the batter was supposed to be thick and "ribbon" like. because i wasn't adding any liquids at that stage, i didn't know how to thin it out. does anyone have any suggestions? next time i will probably try a different recipe (one with baking powder) just for comparison...

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  1. Not seeing the recipe, I suspect you may have had too much flour in the mix. Most Madeleines recipes I'm familiar with call for sifted flour. Did yours? It may also have to do with the method you used to measure the flour. Also, "folding" in the flour seems a bit strange to me.

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      i did sift the flour, but the batter was already too thick with just eggs and sugar. btw, i used the 101 cookbooks recipe, which did not call for any use of double boilers, perhaps the more classic approach is in order. i guess i was hoping for a slightly 'easier' method!

    2. i have made madeleines many times and the batter is always quite thick for me, somewhat like muffin batter or even thicker. my recipe is like yours, with flour and butter folded in gently at the end.

      don't use chemical leavening, madeleines are delicate tender cakes leavened with eggs only.

      how did they taste in the end?

      i wonder if you used the correct size eggs? it is very important to sift the flour.

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        they tasted pretty good (though i admit i can't recall if i've ever had a madeleine where i knew what the 'correct' texture was supposed to be like). do you chill your batter? i was trying to do some research to improve my next attempt and a few sites i read a lot, the bloggers seem to chill theirs first. i wonder if it would make a difference, though that may be more for the creation of the 'hump' and not so much for the batter thickness. i noticed that with my thick batter, the first few i put into the mold turned out well with a slight hump, and the more i filled, the flatter they got. but they all tasted pretty good at least!