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Nov 8, 2008 03:57 PM

Happy and Sad-Brasserie Tatin

HAPPY---YES! Brasserie Tatin is a find. Resaonsable prices for really terrific French-type cuisinse. The FRENCH ONION SOUP--to die for. The Best Ever. The sweetbreads were moist, plentiful and served beautifully. Hubby's chicken was moist, and served with lovely vegetables along with crisp frites.

NOW THE SAD PART--Nothing to do with the restaurant at all. But, our server I recognized from waiting on us at another restaurant--Boccaccio's. I inquired as to why he was no longer at Boccaccio's and was disheartened to learn that the owner had died and the restaurant was closed sometime this past August. Much to my dismay.

So a sad note, but a happy one to dine at such a lovely establishment with attentive service, appealing atmosphere and yummy food. A definite return. Sadly, we can't also return to Boccaccio's. FoiGras

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  1. To bring a bit of happiness, a few friends have passed along that the rumor in the area is that Boccaccio's is most likely going to reopen. It has proven difficult for them to continue on in lieu of Chef Rigato's passing, but I wouldn't count them out yet.

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      Chef Rigato's daughter has been the active chef for years.

    2. Ah yes...a find indeed. They serve possibly the best mussels "appetizer" in town. Honestly, large enough to be an entree, with fresh tarragon, garlic, shallots & vermouth. Oddly enough, they're also served with crispy French fries, and bread for dipping!
      Just thinking about them makes me want to schedule another visit!

      1. I'm glad you had a positive experience. I was underwhelmed when I ate there for brunch. Perhaps I should try dinner.