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Nov 8, 2008 03:44 PM

i know this has probably been asked before but....

i'm new, i like food, i searched and here we are...

i need to now of any good ayce brunch spots in mississauga. also, any opinions you guys might have about the muddy duck & tucker's.

ps. i have an awesome recipe for a stuffed pork loin coming for ya.....

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  1. Hi, chrisfernado100 - welcome to chowhound. I suspect you're not going to get many responses to your question about muddy duck or tucker's because they are chains and chains are anti-chowish for the most part.

    As for AYCE anything whether it be brunch or Indian, that seems to be generally anti-chowish as well.

    So your best bet is to start a new thread asking where to find good brunch in Mississauga.

    Waterside Bistro offers what looks like good brunch but gets mixed reviews on the board -

    1. i avoid chains like the plague myself, however, with a brunch i am willing to sacrifice quality for a point. that is why i am simply trying to find the best possible ayce brunch around and i figure here would be the place to do so.

      i would never set foot in a tucker's for dinner.

      just curious tho jamiek, what's your take on sushi island, which is ayce?
      or mandarin, just kidding.....

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      1. I'm also not big on AYCE. Isn't there like Golden Griddle or something? It's pretty disgusting, but people go there a lot, so it must be a fairly good value in terms of food quantity.

        1. re: tjr

          golden griddle is horrible.....again, i'm lookin for a decent ayce brunch....even if it is somewhat expensive.

          1. re: chrisfernando100

            If you want fancy and expensive AYCE brunch, try the King Eddie.

            1. re: chrisfernando100

              Oops - forgot it was Mississauga you were interested in. Sorry...

        2. High quality decent food and the term AYCE are mutually exclusive terms.

          1. If you're willing to go east a bit, the Old Mill has a buffet Sunday brunch, $30pp -

            bty, I just realized a inserted a wrong link and place in my post above, it should be Waterside Inn in Mississauga, but no ayce -

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            1. re: JamieK

              i just looked into the king eddie, sounds good, i'm gonna have to give it shot one of these days.....

            2. Delta Meadowvale, Stage West?

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              1. re: robgm

                delta in meadowvale is pretty much crap, except for the croissant bread pudding with caramel sauce, it was one of the best desserts i've ever eaten, i couldn't stop. dunno about stage west...any more input on king eddie's??? they've got beef wellingon, oysters, benny and what sounded like a bunch of other good stuff....