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Nov 8, 2008 03:15 PM

Windward Chow?

Anything new or recent on the Windward side of Oahu that merits a taste?

Heading over this next week...we're regulars in Kailua and have our usual spots (anyone else like Pah Ke's in Kaneohe like we do?), but always on the hunt for another local discovery. We know Kenneke's, Saigon Noodle House in Enchanted Lakes, etc.

There's a new Japanese spot in Kailua -- any opinions? How about Uncle Bobo's BBQ up the coast, worth a stop?

We'll be there over Thanksgiving, so also looking for recommendations for the best Chinese roast chicken or duck to bring home to the condo for our festive dinner.

I'll add my admiration to Socalboy for his remarkable eight day dining adventure. The dude must have spent major time in his rental car and looking for a parking place to hit all those places!

Also, wondering if there is a good place anywhere on the island that really specializes in local seafood. Buzz's does a decent job, quite good on the kiawe grill, but you'd figure with all the fresh seafood someone would focus on it, minus the goopy sauces, etc.

We know Tamashiro's for top flight fresh ahi, but how about sources for opa, ono, local sword, et al. Best so far we've got are Foodland, Safeway, Times and Don Quixote (surprisngly good.)

Mahalo in advance to all...especially the fulltime Oahu locals posting here frequently.

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  1. The new Big City Diner in Kailua was pretty good for us.

    1. What dishes are good at Pah Ke? We've heard that it is a very mixed bag.

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        It's a very *local* spot with lots of items on a large menu. That said, the best we've had have always been from recommendations by Raymond Siu, the owner. They make a real effort to get good local ingredients, from fish to vegetables.

        We've never had anything less than solid, especially among the house specialties, which tend to be reduced fat and usually focus on local ingredients such as the chicken salad, spinach salad with Puna goat cheese and Kau orange juice (and sometimes with outstanding local mangoes), steamed fish, Peking or roast duck.

        Also, 'homestyle' Cantonese dishes such as fishcake wrapped in tofu skin with garlic spinach (great with a good Sauvignon Blanc) or chicken with Chinese brocolli.
        Local asparagus wrapped with beef filet in black bean sauce was delicious, as was a ginger steamed *Kona* lobster, ordered in advance.

        It isn't fancy but Raymond worked for chefs like Alan Wong, who show up at Pahe Ke with friends from time to time for lunch.

        And he has about the best bbq'd pork buns (manapua) we've had on Oahu.

        We always stop here to pickup meals to take on our flights to the mainland (soy chicken breasts with salad are a favorite, along with a manapua or two or three).

        The desserts are excellent, especially the soy milk panna cota and the coconut cake.

        It's really popular for local groups and we've enjoyed seriously good local music brought in for a tutu's birthday or someone's going away party.

        We'll be there later this week -- it's always our first meal out after coming "home" to Oahu.