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Nov 8, 2008 03:03 PM

Christmas in Boca

We will be staying in Deerfield Beach the week of Christmas and are having trouble finding reservations for Christmas Day. We usually use OpenTable for reservations and absolutely no restaurant is giving reservations. Do any of you locals know a great place to have dinner on Christmas Day? It is just two adults who love good food and don't care about the cost if it is worth it. Thanks for any info!!

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  1. I wish I knew of somewhere... Best of luck...

    1. I am in Boca every Xmas/New Year staying with friends at their home. Invariably, we do a BBQ at home on Xmas Day because of the extremely limited availablity of open restaurants. That being said, the buffet sushi/Chinese place (name is something like Kyojin) on Powerline a few streets north of Palmetto (west side) is open and also, if memory serves me, the Carrabbas off Powerline & 18th. a few lights south of Palmetto on the east side overlooking what looks like an intercoastal waterway.

      Neither place is bad (Carrabbas is a fairly decent chain operation) but hardly qualify as fine dining.

      Good luck

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        Thanks!! We will check out both places. We are staying at a condo which has only the basics and it is only the two of us so we would really love to just go out instead of trying to cook in.

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          We were just in Florida and went to Kyojin twice for buffet lunch ($9.95 per person - a great bargain). The place was full both times. (this Kyojin is on west side of Powerline Road just south of Glades Road and the first driveway on your right after Valle Verde Rd). Had seaweed salad, cold noodle salad, raw salmon, about 25 different types of sushi (my favorite is the "cone sushi" or hand roll). After the sushi bar, there are several types of tempura (vegetables, scallops, etc), pot stickers in sauce with vegetables, blackened chicken, tilapia in broth with ginger and scallions, fried rice, green beans with garlic, and many other dishes. Also 4 soups: hot and sour, egg drop, miso, and udon. Next to the soups are bowls with udon noodles and surimi into which you can ladle udon or miso soup. There is also a grill where they cook up various meats or seafood to order. For dessert, they offer at least 6 kinds of ice cream, including a very good Green Tea flavor. Worth trying out this place if you like to eat a lot and have more sushi than you ever thought you could eat for less than $10. Prices are higher for dinner. Drinks (tea, soft drinks) are not inclued in price.

      2. Uncle Tai's will be open, saw a commercial on TV tonight!