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Nov 8, 2008 03:02 PM

Where to get bulk nuts online?


We use lot of nuts around here. In addition to snacking on the occasional handful of walnuts, we use a variety of nuts in granola, which we make almost weekly (and eat it with homemade yogurt--yum). Buying bagged nuts at the grocery store is just too pricey, and the bulk nuts just don't taste very good. I live in Boise, so there aren't many local option for good staples. Where have you found the best online nuts? I'm looking for walnuts, almonds and unsweetened coconut. Organic would be ideal.



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  1. If you have Costco, I find their large bags of nuts - I've bought pecan and almonds, believe they have walnuts as well - to be fresh and of excellent quallity. But they are too large for my purposes, so they take up freezer space for some time before I get through them. Trader Joe's has a larger variety, in smaller bags (1#) at very good prices. I am addicted to the tamari almonds and plain, raw almonds.

    I have not bought their nuts, but regularly order the outrageously wonderful dried pears and slip-pit apricots from I can't imagine that their nuts wouldn't be top notch as well.

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      Yes, Costco has walnuts also, one thing I miss about having a full-sized freezer for storing things.

    2. I buy my nuts here (at the store, not online) They are very good but not inexpensive.

      1. I buy from and have had great luck. i have bought a variety of items and been satisfied always.

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          i just ordered from them for the first time yesterday, and i'm totally satisfied with the product. yes, i already received it - they have unbelievably quick turnaround time on their order processing, and since i apparently only live about an hour away from the company, UPS delivered the package 18 hours after i placed my order!

          they have a wide variety of items, good prices, and a pretty decent selection of organic products.

        2. 25 or 30 lb boxes of walnuts or other 'baking' nuts.

          Dutch Valley Foods on-line

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