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Nov 8, 2008 02:49 PM

Johns Farms .........Plainview

If you're near ya gotta go. My opinion its as good or even better than Fairway The fish (sea urchen,bronzini and more all on ice),cheese,produce (they had bags of key limes) olive bar .........but its crowded really crowded

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  1. I have been to John's farms many times. It's okay- but I would not compare it to Fairway which has a much larger selection in foods- such as organic produce and grocery items. Be careful when shopping at Johns- the shelf life of their vegetables is much shorter than other groceries- so plan on using your fruits and vegetables within 2 days. i have heard this from other people. Their bananas turned rotten in a day and they were beautiful when I purchased them. Their meat is very inconsistent- can be very tough and chewy or very good. I bought their "prime" skirt steak which was at an unbelievable price, which was horrible - no way it was prime met. Remember-you get what you pay for. Also- if you can't stand crowds- don't go. They only take cash and checks- no credit cards/debit cards. There is an ATM on the premise if you want to pay a service charge-and bring a quarter for the shopping cart, which is refundable.

    1. Have you seen the chicken aisle? I don't think I've ever been grossed out more in my life. Chicken labeled as Perdue even though it doesn't have a Perdue sticker on it; Chicken that's labeled Grade A (by the store, no USDA stamp) with nasty blood marks on it.

      Was good 20 years ago, but I wouldn't shop there again if I was paid to.

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        you are right fruits and vegetables have a very short shelf life. John's farm is not clean and it smells. If you don't want to go to Fairway, try Shoprite in the Morton Village Shopping Center.

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          Or tthe Shop Rite on Woodbury Rd- both are owned by the Greenfield family.