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HELP......Wellington and Blue Jays Way

We are currently living in a rental suite at the above address waiting for our condo. This is foreign territory as we are transplanted from Riverdale. Any Chow secrets in this area? What is the name/address of the soup guy at Adelaide and Peter? Is the Corned Beef House any good? Are there any grocery stores/butchers etc in area?
Thanks for any advice.....much appreciated

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  1. This is a GREAT area to be in if you are willing to walk abit.
    For food shopping, St. Lawrence Market can meet all of your needs. There is a variety of butchers, fruit/veggie stands, bakers, cheese guys, fish stands, etc. A metro and LCBO are also close by, so you should be able to meet all your needs.
    From what i've read on here, skip the corned beef house.
    I highly recommend RAVI soup on adelaide. Amazing! I think that is the soup guy you are refering to. Those cheese scones you get free with the soup (with red pepper jelly) are divine too!
    Places I like in the area:
    Le Papillon (near SLM) for cheap french eats, great cesaers too.
    The pizza place on blue jays way is tasty (the name slips my mind)
    Terroni is a quick walk on adelaide.
    There is the food court on mccaul that caters to OCAD and offers a variety of cheap eats.
    The last montanas on john has amazing mojitos that are half price during the day.
    There is so much to explore around there, enjoy!
    Oh yah, and the new sushhi place on adelaide is good, and if you are transplanted in the area long enough, there is a poutine place to be opening above burrito boys, another local fave (I only like the halibut one myself)
    If all else fails, walk to kings noodle or a bahn mi place in chinatown. Its amazing that everything is literally a hop, skip and jump from where you are. Enjoy!

    1. The pizza place pancake mentions above is terrific and quaint...Pizza Rustica.

      1. Also not too far away is Marben, Bite Me, Madeline's, Niagara Street Cafe and Amuse-Bouche.


        Niagara Street Cafe
        169 Niagara St, Toronto, ON M5V1C9, CA

        96 Tecumseth St, Toronto, ON M6J2H1, CA

        488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA

        601 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

        609 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

        1. Oh, and the Healthy Butcher is relatively nearby -

          The Healthy Butcher
          565 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

          1. Milagro on Mercer Street does very nice high end Mexican. It's possible to walk out of there fairly reasonably if you stick to the ceviches and other appetizers. Main courses are somewhat pricey for what you get.

            Irie does very nice and reasonable Jamaican food on Queen near Bathurst in an extremely laid back and funky space. Greg Couillard spent some vacation time before opening up his new place re-connecting with Caribbean spices.

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              The soup place is Ravi Soup, Corned Beef House is good for Reubens and thats about all. Great wings at Fox n Fiddle

            2. I live in that area and it's actually a bit of a schlep for groceries. SLM and Kensington/Chinatown are both within walking range, but it gets a little laborious with shopping bags (we always cab home).

              The closest emergency grocery stop is Fresh and Wild at King and Spadina - it's expensive with not-so-great stock, but it wins for convenience. LCBOs are at Spadina at Baldwin or across to SLM (also one at Union Station, but it's pretty limited). I know it sounds a little desperate, but you can also get emergency supplies at Rabba (Front and BJW).

              Our favourite restos in the neighbourhood are Le Select (just across Spadina on Wellington) and Tutti Matti (on Adelaide). Rustica is hit and miss for me (it's been great, it's been disappointing... I think the key is to avoid it before Roger's Centre sporting events when they're rushed and packed). Mr. Rabbit actually likes the Corn Beef House, but he may just be seduced by the very idea. We also like Ematei (Japanese izakaya on St. Patrick) and that OCAD food court is good. We've also been known to pop into the Rex for dirty-dinner, but that's really all about atmosphere and pints. The walk to Baldwin also offers some nice options.

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                Thanks everyone for your recs.Actually we are living in the ICON building which is sort of attached to Pizza Rustico. Will get out exploring next week.

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                  There is also an LCBO in First Canadian place at King and Bay and a Longo's in BCE Place at Wellington and Bay. They are not open weekends though.

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                    Ohh thanks for the LCBO tip Cat123....that is much more convenient!

                2. I like Brassaii too, just West of Spadina on King.