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Nov 8, 2008 02:25 PM

I don't understand the broccoli ramen noodle salad

I've never had it, but I made it from the recipe on the back of the broccoli slaw package. Are the noodles supposed to be crisp, or are you supposed to let it sit for a few hours so they get softer? I read a lot of raves about this kind of salad on the internet, but I can't really get my head around it.

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  1. You let it sit for a couple of hours. The noodles don't get really soft, they are still kind of crisp even after sitting. It's kind of a good combination.

    1. In the recipe I use, you crumble the dry noodles and sautee in butter with sesame seeds and slivered almonds. Cool that mixture down after it has browned. I mix it in right before serving, otherwise it gets limp.

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        Ditto, although I just roast them dry in the toaster over together (ramen noodles, almonds and sesame seeds) just until you smell them. I like the crunch too. I just made this tonight with a package of coleslaw mix, green onions, shredded chix - yummm! I sometimes will also add cranraisins and/or walnuts, radishes. I love the crunch, sweet, salty going on.