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Nov 8, 2008 02:20 PM

Buster Rhino's Authentic Southern BBQ - Whitby

If you're ever in Whitby on a weekday, stop in for a pulled pork, pulled chicken or brisket sandwich at Buster Rhino's. They have a lunch counter operating out of their production facility with limited hours (Mon, Tues 10-3) (Wed, Thur, Fri 10-8) no weekends. They offer cafeteria style seating if you want to eat in. I've never tried their ribs but the last time I checked they offered a Friday special which was a full rack of ribs right from the smoker, a side and a pop for $13 or so (I'll have to double check). It'll be the only place you'll find a consistent BBQ product in the GTA. The BBQ will more than likely be reheated but let me say think you'll find it to be the best you'll find in the GTA.

Pick up a combo with their fries, they are excellent as well. I'm not totally sold on their salads or hushpuppies but that's a matter of personal preference...

Here's a shot of my last brisket sandwich:


Here's a link to their site:


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  1. So how do they compare against, say, Memphis Style or Camp 31?

    This is obviously a foodservice operation that caters sports bars in the GTA (which would explain the "reheated" comment -- if they're closed on weekends, if you ordered one of their products at a bar on a weekend it had to have been made on Friday and reheated 1-2 days later).

    Given that I'm in Pickering I may head over and give them a try.

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      I've not tried either of Memphis Style or Camp 31 so I don't know how they compare.

      You have it right TexSquared, they cook throughout the week and the product is vacuum sealed into individual or bulk portions.

      When you order you're getting an individual portion of your chosen meat. As I stated in another thread, as a consumer we'd like to see food fresh from the smoker but logistically it's tough to do. What's nice about Buster Rhino's is that the food is authentic, very consistent, flavourful, and a good value. A sandwich combo is $7 plus taxes. You can barely get a fast food lunch for that and here you're getting a quality, locally produced product.

      As for the weekend closings, I am pretty sure the business runs all week long, the lunch counter is simply closed on the weekend. They also cater some festivals and events around Ontario during summer weekends...

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        interesting point is that the owner appeared on Dragons Den who seemingly loved his product (sauces and rubs) and gave him a deal which I do not think has come to fruition yet. There was an article about him and the business in the local Whitby paper. MY SO and I went for a drive to locate the business but alas discovered the counter is only open Mon through Friday

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        This is excellent, true low and slow barbecue. Ribs rubbed and smoked, sauce on the side if you have to. Melt in your mouth smoked pork butt - a generous serving of pulled pork on a really large fresh bun with hand sliced, vinegar & mayo coleslaw to go on top. This bears no resemblance to chain BBQ. While we've never had the pleasure of traveling through the Southern states, this is the best we've had along with Muddy's Pit BBQ catering in Peterborough, ON and the Armadillo BBQ in Woodinville, WA.

      3. Sounds interesting, so since its a production facility I assume there is all kinds of good stuff to bring home for the fridge & freezer as well? I wouldn't mind keeping some nice pulled pork handy for the winter

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        1. re: duckdown

          duckdown, you've got it.

          I enjoy their sauces as well (although they are tough to come by if you don't live Durham or pick it up at Costco in the summer) so if you stop in, pick up a bottle or two. They have three varieties, regular, medium and hot. I prefer the regular and medium.

          kayia1 et all, if you haven't seen the episode (season 3 episode 3, you'll need to choose the episode) you can find it here:


          Buster Rhino's section starts around the 9 minute mark.

          1. re: duckdown


            I am the owner of Buster Rhino's and yes we are also a production facility. We manufacture Southern BBQ products for the food service industry.

            Darryl Koster
            Buster Rhino's Inc.

            PS. If you have any questions your more than welcome to contact me off board, I do not want to violate any policy's on this site - have read it for years and love it.

            1. re: BusterRhino

              Hi, just had the pleasure of having lunch in your facility today...had brisket sandwich hushpuppies and a coke...was wonderful...had the sandwich with just a bit of the medium Texas style sauce and if I closed my eyes would have thought I was back in Austin where I had brisket the first time (less the hush puppies)...hot bbq sauce was a nice peppery Texas style sauce, the Habanero was good in limited (ouch!) consumption...you really need a decent sign on Thickson as I had to enter off Wentworth and drove past it a few times...but other than that, You Rock dude! I always try brisket when i try a new place as to me brisket is the judging factor on how good things are. Just my rule of thumb... Combo of sandwich, hush puppies and can of pop for under $8.00....if I was hungry would have tried the pulled pork but was stuffed.

              1. re: ebay3392

                The brisket as you said is excellent at BR's, but if you liked the Brisket you have to go back and try the Ribs they are the real deal.

                I agree with everything you said BR's is the only place in the GTA where I have really enjoyed my BBQ, in my opinion his establishement is the top in the GTA right now.

                1. re: Matt H

                  Normally I would have, but going to Ribfest Fri and Sun so did not want to spoil Ribfest with something of superior quality beforehand if you know what I mean. Good thing I go to Oshawa every few months on business so will make it my regular pit stop.

                2. re: ebay3392

                  I tried the brisket sandwich and hush puppies and liked it - so I bought some brisket to take home and holy smokes was that batch ever salty - could not eat it. Kind of disappointing to have such salt variation in the same product.

            2. Cool, I called them today, they're actually open til 4PM and not 3PM during the early weekdays, so I'll go by tomorrow when I visit a buddy in Oshawa

              Looking forward to it, thanks for the tip, will report back

              What do you like there the best? pork brisket or chicken?

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                1. re: jayt90

                  Living in Oshawa and working downtown years ago when that place first opened up (Montreal Fries) I can absolutely attest to the fact they have extremely good poutine and steamies. Haven't been there in a couple years, think I know where I am going for lunch later this week.

                  Darryl Koster
                  Buster Rhino's Inc.

                2. re: duckdown

                  Okay DD. We seem to be on the same wavelength about ribs. Give 'em a try and let me know. I may have to venture out there.
                  The fact that it has limited hours and I'll have to reheat them at home will certainly be a strike against them though.


                3. The original comment has been removed
                  1. I picked up a take out lunch today, a brisket sandwich and a bowl of chile.
                    They were OK, but geared toward passing lunch traffic, quick and simple.
                    The brisket was smoky, lean, and well done. It is thin sliced and held on a steam table, so it is still moist. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the fresh cut, succulent Caplanski's.
                    The chile was dense, thick, with lots of ingredients (beans, corn, tomatoes, mushrooms and more). Mine was the final serving from a steam table tray, and very well cooked. Good flavour, not hot or spicy, but the meat in it was shredded and I couldn't identify it. Lots of shreds in each spoonful.
                    Next time I'm in the area, I may get take home ribs, as they can withstand the lengthy cooking.
                    I picked up a bag of Quebec charcoal lumps there, about $1/lb.