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Nov 8, 2008 01:02 PM

MSP - Breakfast Reccomendation

Hey all... Just had breakfast (again) at Jay's Cafe ( in St. Paul. I'm a sworn Al's Breakfast regular and fan, but I have to profess my newfound love for Jay's Carmel Apple French Toast. Yummm.

My gosh, I thought that the french toast at the Bryant Lake Bowl and Sunnyside Up Cafe ranked as number one and two in the Twin Cities, but I think I have a new number one - Jay's.

Check it out and add your thoughts.


Jay's Cafe
St. Paul, mn, St Paul, mn

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  1. I don't know if this is just about french toast but I had brunch at the St. Paul Grill last weekend and it was great! I always thought the Grill would only be suitable for holidays or would be too expensive, stuffy and/or dissapointing, etc. but no!
    My dining companion and I were seated by the windows (lovely view of the park) and were served a complimentary gigantic caramel roll, mimosa and wonderful fruit plate - no soggy melon or mushy grapes - perfect medley of berries and fresh melon.
    I had the "grill eggs" - scrambled eggs with chorizo, scallions and avocado and my partner had the country breakfast - eggs, biscuits and gravy. Everything was wonderful and the hash browns were creamy and delicious.
    It was around $30 for the two of us which might seem a bit much but when you add in the roll, fruit and drinks it was worth every penny. Our server was friendly and attentive - pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Would I go every weekend? No - but I will be going more often. I also love Jay's Cafe as well as BLB, Highland Grill, Colossal Cafe, etc. but would highly recommend the Grill when you feel like a more of an "occasion" - we dressed up a bit (not that you need to) and were made to feel so comfortable that we lingered much longer than we would have at other places that are a bit more hectic at brunch.

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      Also wanted to mention I had brunch at The Strip Club recently as well. I soooo want to love that place and also want it to succeed but, ugh, it was a tad dissapointing. The space looks a bit odd in the daylight and to be honest, a bit grubby. Our server was great but the food was, meh.
      I had the frittata with wild rice sausage, mushroom and ricotta served with a green salad. It was pleasant enough, a bit heavy on the mushrooms and the dressing on the salad was...strange.
      Dining companion had the Irish breakfast - the beans were undercooked and the rest was...well, okay. It was also worryingly empty for a weekend late morning.
      The menu is limited at brunch and I know from other posts that I am not alone in feeling a bit dissapointed - I will try it again for dinner. Any other thoughts on their brunch would be appreciated. Perhaps I am missing something or....??

      1. re: albertheijn

        I'm not sure which "other posts" you are referring to-- every post I've read about The Strip Club (and every experience I've had there) has been exceedingly positive. I'm sorry you were disappointed. I do agree that it's too bad that brunch doesn't seem to be drawing a crowd... but they seem to be doing fine on dinner.

        Try the French Toast or the hash if you go back....

        1. re: mtullius

          when i was there for brunch a couple sundays ago the whole place was packed, even the upstairs. food & service was great as always. irish breakfast is a fave-- there were one or two times that i'd say the beans were undercooked, but never when j.d. has been in the kitchen. the beans imho are the star of this dish, melting and succulent. the thick cut-bacon and local wild rice sausage, grilled crisp, are nothing to sneeze at either. when well executed, the irish breakfast at the strip club is among the best breakfasts in town-- the eggs are almost extraneous.

        2. re: albertheijn

          I am one who has been disappointed by lunch at the Strip. Three times - poor service, unknowledgable waiters, overcooked fish, tough steak. Will not go again for lunch. Have seen so many good reviews of brunch/dinner, but I am reluctant - just don't get this place, I guess.