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Nov 8, 2008 01:02 PM

Stones cafe in Davis- great sandwiches

I just wanted to give a plug to Stones café in Davis. I am usually disappointed in the quality of sandwiches in California (I’m originally from NY). I work right near Stones and go there once or twice a week for lunch. Their sandwiches are always delicious. They catered an event at work once. I arrived late and all that was left were very plain looking turkey on whole wet sandwiches. I took one expecting it to be mediocre, as sandwiches in California often are. I took a bite and smiled: Good quality flavorful turkey, good bread, good cheese and good aioli. This location is somewhat far from the main part of town but it’s worth seeking out. Easily the best sandwiches in Davis. They have great Turkey chili and good burgers as well. I usually get a sandwich not the menu that they make for me: A Turkey and bacon wrap with cesar dressing and romaine lettuce. Here is their website:

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