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Nov 8, 2008 12:27 PM

Cheap eats for group in Durham/CH?

Any suggestions for a place that can accommodate vegetarians, carnivores, and gluten-avoiders for under $20/head? We used to go to Sitar, but they raised their prices sufficiently that we couldn't make our budget. We have 8-10 people, two of whom won't be paying for their meal. We considered PF Changs, simply because they hit all the criteria, but they were all booked up for the date (Saturday, 11/15).

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  1. Carrburito's in Carrboro perhaps. I can't remember if they have corn tortillas. But they're great for carnivores and veg types like myself. Fresh and cheap

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      I've successfully gone to Thai Cafe and Twisted Noodle (both in Durham) with a large group. Since they serve rice, you wouldn't have to worry about the gluten issue. Also, vegetarians could opt for tofu.

    2. I'm not sure if you're looking for lunch or dinner, but if you want to stick with Indian food A Taste of India is delicious and more affordable than Sitar. I know they have a buffet at lunch for $8 and I believe on the weekends they've started serving a dinner buffet as well. There is also a full menu.

      1. Hong Kong, on Guess Rd. has a semi-private room, and when I've had to host events like this they have always been attentive, not too expensive, and good quality food (better than PF Chang, and cheaper).
        however if you're really talking about avoiding gluten, no chinese restaurant in the area would be appropriate. I'd second the thai cafe or twisted noodle recommendation. Thai cafe is not as good but has better seating for a larger group. (And if this is who I think it is, good luck with the workshop!)

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          Yes, good guess. :) We'll probably go with Twisted Noodle.

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            Food there is good but service is often spotty. Be prepared to be patient.