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Nov 8, 2008 12:22 PM

Dip Mix Recipe Needed!


This year I am giving some of my extended family food gifts as part of their xmas gifts and since I found some really cute chip/dip sets I wanted to make a homemade dip mix and give it to them as part of their gift. I am having a hard time finding a dry dip mix recipe to use, however.

One of the families I am giving this gift to has dairy allergies and so if there is a dip mix that they could mix up without using dairy products I would be very grateful.

Thanks for your help Chowhounds!!

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  1. Just Google recipe for dry dip mix and you'll find a ton of recipes.

    1. what about all the ingredients for a nice hummus (for your non dairy family) or a homemade salsa (I did that one year). Have fun, I too love to do something food gift related since it's made from time and love. This year, might be doing a nice grinder with a made up mix of herbs to go in it, few recipes hanging on the side.

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        Yes thanks. That is not a bad idea at all for including the ingredients for hummus along with a recipe. I think I will use that for the dairy allergic family!