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Nov 8, 2008 11:58 AM

The $100 Toronto Dinner

I won a sales contest @ work and was given a prize of $100 in cold, hard cash. It was supposed to be a gift certificate to a certain steakhouse, but I'm 90% vegetarian [the 10% eats fish], so that didn't work. But I would still like to spend the money on dinner tonight

The details:
- no Thai or Greek food
- something pescatarian friendly
- close to a subway [the weather stinks out there]
- $100 doesn't have to include wine as we don't drink it - we do drink other alcohol
- I just got back from Montreal, so nothing Montreal-ish

I know it's late notice...but I know Chowhound is full of suggestions @ all hours of the day!

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  1. I immediately thought Starfish or Rodney's... although either will require a bit of a schlep from a train station.

    1. Is the $ supposed to cover "we", as in two of you? Any particular part of town?

      The Globe Bistro is around the corner from Broadview station and doable on a $100 for two without wine. Also has several seafood choices. -

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      1. re: JamieK

        Yes, "we" should cover me and my partner. We are located by Lansdowne subway station, but are willing to travel by subway. Normally other forms of TTC or a hearty walk would be okay too, but the weather is a bit unpleasant.

        I guess we are somewhat looking for some warm, comforting food and drink!

        1. re: Tabinet

          In that case you might consider going the other direction to Royal York station for Cru or Merlot -

          For comfort food - Queen's Pasta, a block or so west of Runnymede station -

          seafood choices on offer at all the above.

      2. This sounds like a job for Googs' "subway dash and dine" thread!! -

          1. Okay so we have decided on Beer Bistro. We have only been there once, about a year and a half ago - but enjoyed it [my partner grew up in Brussels and approved the beer and mussels]. I am feeling up for mussels - he is not.

            Can anyone provide any recommendations for their menu? I know he would eat anything on their current menu [no restrictions or preferences really] - but I'm wondering if there is something especially good?

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            1. re: Tabinet

              Don't know if it's still on the menu, but don't be tempted by the lobster quesadilla!

              1. re: Tabinet

                I recommend the Steak Tartare and Onion and Ale Soup as starters, and enjoyed their Steak Frites and Grilled Berkshire Pork Chop as far as mains are concerned.