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dessert in philly

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my birthday is on monday and one of my friends is going to take me out for dessert during the week. melting pot was going to be the default place if i didnt decide on another place. so i was wondering where is philly (center city area most likely) would be another good place to get dessert. and i love dessert so id like to go somewhere good. last year for my birthday i had the milk chocolate caramel ganache tart or something like that from buddhakan and i fell in love with it. so id like to go somewhere where ill be sure to get some amazing dessert. im not sure if i wanna go to melting pot but ive never been there either. any suggestions???

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  1. I love dessert too. If it were my birthday I'd head to Matyson for dessert. Since it is a monday they probably won't have a problem with a group for dessert and coffee. Alternatively, the naked chocolate cafe is a wonderful dessert place.

    Skip the melting pot.

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      The chocolate bento box is very good at Buddakan. Great hot chocolate and cupcakes at Naked Chocolate Cafe. Brown Betty has decent cupcakes too. I know there is some Dessert place (think that's the name) in town that just serves desserts but am not sure. Personally I'd be happier with a cup of gelato from Capogiro than the MP but that's me...

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        any other restaurants where they have really good desserts?

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          First, please don't go to melting pot. I second Matyson. Going to Little Fish for dinner and then up the block to La Golosa for dessert would be my choice.

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            We had lunch at Old Original Bookbinders and I ordered the Valrhona Chocolate Bombe. It was unbelievably rich and absolutely huge - three people could eat it, but it would be very festive for a birthday.

      2. I was going to comment that I would eat and then stroll over to Capogiro. Hands down, even in cold weather to die for gelato. Thai Coconut Milk is my favorite recently.