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Nov 8, 2008 11:37 AM

good delivery near Columbia?

A dear friend of mine just had a death in the family, and I'd like to send them some nice hearty food (lasagna?) but I'm in San Francisco and have no idea where to order from. Any ideas? I tried Whole Foods but they were very annoying to deal with...

They live on W116th near Columbia.


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  1. Might be too late but a quite good option in the area is Pisticci, which has a lasagna special on Wednesdays (and good daily specials in general). Sezz Medi is also pretty good if you're willing to go with something besides lasagna (say, rigatoni with sausage or penne arrabiata). Community Food & Juice has ravioli.

    1. Max Soha is a pretty good bet for pasta in that 'hood.