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Nov 8, 2008 09:33 AM

Rochester - Tony D's in Corn Hill Landing

We always have a problem when we want pizza, because my partner likes a crispy crust. And ordering from Veneto gets very expensive.

We tried Tony D's yesterday, in Corn Hill Landing. It was really good. I guess they do their pizzas "coal fired" so not only is it crispy, it is crispy all the way through. I'm not sure this is the pizza for everyone, but we really liked it. Their menu includes a whole bunch of other stuff, including specialty pizzas, panini, as well as arancini (my fav). I highly recommend it.

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  1. Thank you. That sounds like a good suggestion.

    I think we have really bad pizza in Rochester. Everything is that cheap Salatores/Pizza Hut kind of thing. I want NY style pizza - desperately!

    We LOVE Veneto but we don't often get pizza there because their other stuff is soooo tempting.

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      I've eaten there three times now. It is fantastic. The pizza is great. I'm told that some customers have a hard time getting their minds around a crust that is partially burned, but they've obviously never been to Pepe's in New Haven.
      As good as the pizza is, the appetizers are even better. The arancini are to die for. The meatball is big enough to split (we split it four ways.) An the greens and beans are delicious.
      I don't know if they got their liquor license yet, but the times I was there, we brought our own wine. There is a wine store conveniently located in the same plaza.
      The only down side is that the dining room is small and they don't take reservations for less than five. Tables are hard to come by on the weekend.

      1. re: tuttobene

        I'm happy to hear the appetizers are as good as they looked! We went just to try the pizza, not knowing what "coal fired" meant in terms of taste. And I was so jealous of everyone around us with their greens and beans. We might turn Tony D's into our weekly friday lunch tradition (a step up from DiBella's meatball sub...which is wonderful in its own ways).

        1. re: somethingsflesh

          The new Brooklyn Joe's in Henrietta actually has some reasonable pizza with a classic NYC crust - thin, leathery - Not the same as a wood/coal fired pie but one of the better in Rochester