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Nov 8, 2008 08:48 AM

high altitude caramel

please help!
each time i try to make caramel it seized up before it is ready.
i live at 6200 ft. above sea level and wonder if anyone has any experience with this issue?

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  1. I live at about 5800 feet about sea level. I find that when making caramel or fudge, I have to lower the temperature to which I cook it about 10 degrees. The rule is one degree for every 500 feet above sea level. When I make caramel sauce, I heat the cream to a simmer and add it to the caramelized sugar. It seems to work better than using cold cream.
    Chewy caramels, however, need to reach 257-260 degrees in order to set up properly. I tried making a batch using the lower temperature and they never set up.
    Hope this helped.