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Nov 8, 2008 08:44 AM

Recipe for English Muffin Bread?

My mom's family has made this over the years but the recipe has been lost, unfortunately. Anyone else have a recipe for this old fashioned bread?

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  1. There's a good recipe for this on the King Arthur Flour site at

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    1. re: Euonymous

      Thanks for reminding me. That website has a ton of good recipes and I frequently forget to consult it. Do you think it would freeze well? My in-laws are coming for T-giving and I'd love to have some easy breakfast things to pull out that won't require much cooking since we will likely be busy with turkey, etc. all week.

      1. re: upstate girl

        Once it's cooked it should freeze just fine as long as you wrap it tightly beforehand. Most breads freeze very well.

        1. re: Euonymous

          I make this bread a lot and freeze it. Since there are only 2 of us, I usually slice it, double wrap it in plastic and foil and freeze. It makes it easier to take a couple pieces out at once.

    2. Here's a link to the Fleischmann's Yeast recipe.

      1. I make this bread (King Arthur version) every single week. It's not that great on its own, but pop it in the toaster, and it transforms into something quite delicious. It's incredibly easy to make (if you have a stand mixer), but my recommendation is to let it rise for at least 1 hour, if not 1.5 hours, rather than the 45 minutes the recipe calls for. The resulting bread it just a bit less dense, and seems to last a little longer.

        1. Here's a link to my tried and true English Muffin Loaf, which I've posted a few times before. Good luck!