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Nov 8, 2008 08:29 AM

I have a "sharp" drawer for knives & other things that might hurt

I don't like a lot of things on the counter so haven't used a knife block in years. Instead I have a drawer that I call the "sharpies" drawer. It has all the knives, microplanes, can opener, corkscrew, anything that could poke us. The drawer is lined with that rubbing liner stuff so things pretty much stay in one place. If I do say so myself :), I think this is a pretty good idea. Much safer than reaching in and slicing fingers on something. Just an fyi.

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  1. Several companies like Wusthof have an in-drawer knife rack which holds your knives safely and they don't get bounced around and knocked into each other. It holds them in the correct position for picking them up. I keep my microplanes in a different drawer and in thei sheathes.

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      Agree with Candy, Messermeister makes them too, and in various sizes.. I would never let my sharp knives run around unsecured in a drawer, it's not good for the knives and it's an accident waiting to happen, it seems to me.

    2. For my knives I have magnetic strips up on the wall above the stove. The blades never touch each other so they don't dull as quickly. The other sharp stuff goes into a certain drawer that has dividers.

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        I have a magnetic strip and love it too.

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          Another vote for the magnetic strip. I love it a lot.

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            We had one pre-remodel- I loved it. Unfortunately there's a window over my prep area now (woe is me!), so we went with a restaurant wall rack mounted on the side of the cabinet. I like it just as well.

      2. I also keep my knives in a couple of drawers but all the knives have edge protectors so the knife and my hands are never at risk