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Nov 8, 2008 08:25 AM

Do you unplug small appliances to save energy?

I unplug everything except the microwave because it's built in and it's not possible. Since things draw small amounts of electricity even when not being used, I figure it's an easy way to save a little. Is anyone else doing this - or any other ways to save?

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  1. Does your toaster, for example, have a digital display? No? You don't need to unplug it. Does that also apply to your mixer, blender, etc.? Same as above. If it doesn't have an indicator light, clock or lighted display, it's likely not drawing power.

    If you're concerned about phantom loads, get yourself a Kill-A-Watt and measure exactly how much power your coffee-maker-with-the-clock is consuming. If it's less than a couple of dollars a year (which you can calculate with device below), why would you waste time plugging and unplugging?

    1. Stuff draws energy only if it has a clock-type timer, ready light, etc. Otherwise current flow stops at the switch. An easier solution would be to get a power strip and click that off, saving work and wear and tear on the sockets and plugs/cords. TVs and computers continue to draw current when off, btw. Clock radios, too.

      1. My microwave is built in so unplugging that isn't possible, but I unplug everything except my coffee maker because It has a clock.

        1. I do keep things unplugged if I'm not using them. The ones that aren't digital I keep unplugged anyway due to a fire phobia!

          1. I think we are going about this the wrong way, c oliver. Like my Grampa once said, "we ought to worry more about the fridge and furnace, before going after the little things. My granny unplugged the nightlight in the bathroom so she ended up in milking the cows, while gramps was mending a broken leg. Oh, the Dr made out like a bandit as well.