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Nov 8, 2008 08:24 AM

Key Lime Pie

I am the unofficial baker for the office celebrations and this year my boss states he would like a Key Lime Pie for his birthday. I am not a huge fan of this desert and therefore have trouble discerning various recipes to determine which would be most authentic.

I know Key Lime pie is not supposed to be lime colored and usually has a graham cracker crust, but does anyone have any suggestions or a tried and true recipe they would not mind sharing?


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  1. Are you looking for something authentic? If not, this two layer key lime pie is excellent. I love the cream cheese layer on top. Don't use cool whip like this recipe calls for. The original from Bon Appetit uses real whipped cream.

    This recipe is your basic key lime pie. I like to use a little key lime zest in the filling.

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      That last link has the basic, authentic ingredients:
      sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks, and lime juice, along with a short baking time.

      Other things like cream cheese, dream whip and food coloring may improve it (or not), but move it away from the original subtropical simplicity.

    2. Here's a recipe and comments that might guide you:

      I haven't made key lime pie in some years but I know I used the bottled juice as I didn't have access to the fresh limes. I also used the non-cooked version which you might be reluctant to do in an office environment.

      1. this is a repost of my original:

        I've experimented with all of the authentic recipes with egg yolks, but this is my favorite by far. People go crazy for it and it's my most requested thing to bring to a party. Plus you whip it up literally in a few minutes in the food processor. Simple and awesome!!

        BIMINI KEY LIME CHEESECAKE. It's awesome.
        1 prepared graham cracker crust (or make your own)
        1 Pkg Softened Philadelphia cream cheese
        1 can sweetened condensed milk
        1/2 tsp vanilla
        1/2-3/4 cup key lime juice (I prefer closer to 3/4 for tartness)
        Blend in food processor until smooth
        pour in pie shell and refrigerate.
        Top with a dollup of whipped cream before serving

        1. I had a boyfriend a while back who *loved* key lime pie, so I decided to make him one for his birthday. I used the recipe in Rose Levy Beranbaum's Pie & Pastry Bible, which turned out delicious. One caveat though: in an effort to be authentic/impress him, I decided to buy a bag of key limes and juice them myself instead of using juice from a regular lime, as the recipe called for. After half an hour of juicing the little golf ball-sized things I had barely half the amount of juice I needed, an finally gave up and switched to normal limes, which got me the rest of the juice in about two minutes. So unless you have access to pre-juiced key limes or lots of time to kill, just go for regular lime juice. It'll still taste great.

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            A Mexican-style lime squeezer makes juicing those Key limes much easier, and fresh juice makes all the difference in Key lime pie (in this Floridian's opinion anyway.) Ina Garten's popular recipe (which is recommended below) is probably great (her desserts are always great) but she calls for plain old Persian limes. In my stubborn opinion, it ain't a * Key* Lime Pie without the Key limes. I'd call hers a "frozen lime pie".

            Another thing, I wholeherated believe that making your own Graham cracker crust with some melted salted butter makes all the difference. I like a real thick and crunchy crust that I just don't get with the premade crust-in-a-tin. We're talking about a recipe that only uses five or six ingredients total, so I think the quality (and "authenticity") of each ingredient is going to make a big difference in the outcome.

          2. Ina Garten's Key lime pie is easy and deliciious.

            AND, all of my friends buy a pre-made, deep dish graham cracker crust. A nice time