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Nov 8, 2008 07:55 AM

silvertone tonight?

4 of us are planning on seeing a movie at the boston common loews and would like to have an inexpensive sit-down dinner in the area beforehand. is there typically a super long wait @ silvertone on saturday nights? if so, got any other suggestions?

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  1. Can't speak to the wait at Silvertone, but Marliave on Bosworth Street would be a nice alternative and it's more spacious so I wouldn't think there's be a wait.

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      And, Marliave might have some truffle leftovers from their truffle dinner on Friday. Not inexpensive I'm sure.

    2. Depends on when you are going. But there is usually not that bad of a wait either at the bar or at a table.

      1. In my experience, it's not unusual to see a 45-minute wait for a table at Slivertone on Saturday nights, especially if there's an event at The Orpheum. The cafe (1st-floor restaurant) at the Marliave is an excellent alternative and much less crowded, though I haven't been back since its favorable Globe review a week ago.

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          A friend and I found ourselves in exactly this situation Saturday night, looking for dinner before a movie at the AMC Boston Common, and fortunately I checked trusty Chowhound and saw this thread before I left the house. It was exactly as MC says, a 45 minute wait at the Silvertone, so we went around the block to Marliave and got seated immediately downstairs (though I think we did get the last open table at about 7:00).

          We both had the burger, which was more than decent. It was of the "flattened meatball" variety, i.e., about four inches in diameter and two inches thick. Tasty meat, though I did encounter one small (2mm) piece of bone in mine, which is always a turn-off. Tasty topping of farmhouse cheddar, and a nice squishy (probably house-made) roll with more character than the usual. Very good fresh-made fries, sprinkled with a little rosemary - if they'd been a bit crisper I'd nominate them for a Best in Boston.

          For $10 it was an excellent value. The space itself has a nice feel to it, in an old-timey pub way (and that's real old-timey, not Ye Olde) with a pressed tin ceiling and lively, warm vibe. One thing I did find odd: we were seated within sight of the staircase, and there was a constant stream of servers carrying food from the kitchen at the back of the downstairs room, all the way across the downstairs dining floor, and up the stairs to the more posh upstairs restaurant. It seems to me that the owners might have put more thought into the redesign and somehow added a dumbwaiter, if only to deliver warmer food upstairs (the servers carried open, not covered, plates.)