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Nov 8, 2008 06:31 AM

Any mead makers out there?

A friend' s husband has gotten heavily into beer brewing, and they took a notion to make some mead. The first one had "Christmas spices" in it and I didn't much care for it, but the SECOND one has prickly pear fruit in it, and it's just fantastic. I could have grabed the bottle and guzzled it all down, only it was my friend's, so of course I couldn't. That's just a hint for those who are looking for something to flavor their mead with.

Now a request or two- has anybody ever made pumpkin mead? I want to make some mead, and it seemed like it would be a good flavor to add. I'd like to have a recipe if you want to share it.

Last of all, but not least of all, is there a good site onliine with simple mead recipes? There's no shortage of mead recipes out there, but I'm trying to avoid a long learning curve somewhat with some recommendations.

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  1. I researched mead about a month ago. Tons of stuff out there. Just do some digging.
    There are entire websites created my nead enthusiasts -- I was researching ancient fermentations and microbiology so I didn't bookmark the sites but they are surely there!

    Edited to add: My gosh, did you even do a Google search??? I just counted dozens of recipes
    for pumpkin mead!!

    1. Hiya,
      I have several friends who make mead, but I've never had a Pumpkin mead.
      Might be nice.
      For sparkling mead:
      Gordon just came out with a Colorado Clover Blossom that I can't wait to try.