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Nov 8, 2008 05:36 AM

German Restaurants in CT?

Looking for German restaurant(s) in CT, New Haven and east. Any suggestions?

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  1. Not German, but in my neck of the woods there is a little Hungarian spot called Goulash Place in Danbury. It has many chowish admirers.

    1. East Side restaurant in New Britain is supposed to be great. It's been there for years.

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        I can add the East Side from my point of view, I have enjoyed it every time I have visited it. The cole slaw they put out on the table is really great. I am enclosing the web site so you can look it over and see if its something you might like. ( I hope this is a help in finding a nice German Restaurant you will like,, Earle Ct.

        1. re: Earle

          I found it to be more gimmick than anything else. Festive atmosphere with overpriced average food.

      2. I realize this is just a "tad" north of New Haven, but if you're ever driving up to Massachusetts along I-84, stop in Southbridge ... right on South Street, near the downtown, there is a great little restaurant and inn called Vienna. You guessed it ... the cuisine is Austrian, but also German.

        1. Here's a website with several suggestions. I'ts been a while since I visited the Watch Factory restaurant in Cheshire, but I remember it had good Austrian food. There used to be a german restaurant in Higganum on Rt. 81 but I think it closed.

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            Watch Factory Restaurant is a nice spot for sure (and closer than East Side) but it isn't German per se.

            The website is a disaster - but here it is anyways

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              The Watch Factory is still fantastic I have been there in the last two months. The food is Austrian but very similar and they have fantastic specials!

              Watch Factory Restaurant
              122 Elm St, Cheshire, CT 06410

          2. Thanks to all for the suggestions. Will definitely try East Side; it's closest. If we ever get to Southbridge or Waterbury, will try those as well.