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Nov 8, 2008 05:07 AM

ocean view cafe, brighton beach

I journeyed over to little Russia yesterday with the wife and mother in law. We ate at a place named the ocean view cafe, on the corner of Brighton Beach 3rd and Brighton Beach Ave. We only ordered some appetizers both hot and cold. The cold ones were eggplant caviar, smoked trout and veal tongue. Hot apps were pelmeni, blintzes and pierogies. Oh by the way they offer $5.00 corkage but bring stemware

After lunch we went over to M and I international which is basically a haven for Russian meats, cheeses and fish. Where else can you pick up smoked lard (did not try it) but also Russian salami as well salmon roe. At $28.00 per pound for the roe I opted for 1/4lb and smeared it on some rye bread, awesome.

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