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Nov 8, 2008 05:01 AM

Could you recommend a good Chinese restaurant to take kids?

My daughter wants to go out for Chinese food for her birthday. She want the true experience - not a takeout storefront. I don't know any good sit down chinese places locally. Can someone make a recommendation? We're in Monmouth county.Thanks.

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  1. Hop the train, go to Manhatten and take her to Chinatown. "WoHop "13 Mott St. , in the basement. A true experience and very resonable. Get the 4D Chow Fun, w Black Bean and ask for it, WET. Also, all the Soups are great.

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      I second Bando - went there last sunday for the first time and it was excellent. Lots kids there so it is a good location to take your daughter.

    2. I recommend Asia Start in Tinton Falls on Asbury Ave. Fairly new space with plenty of room and a nice selection of food. You will be treated well and I'm sure that your daughter will love the place. Here is their web site for your consideration. Enjoy !

      1. Crown Palace (Cantonese)- 2 locations - Rt 35 in Middletown or Rt79 in Marlboro
        Bando (Shanghai / Taiwanese cusine) in Middletown has been getting rave reviews on this board.

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          I have to say I've never liked the food at Crown Palace in Middletown. I haven't been there in a couple years, so maybe they have improved.
          I will echo the recommendations for Bando. I've had take-out many times and have dined in once. Always very good.
          Also, West Lake in Matawan. We've always had a good experience there.
          I think most Chinese restaurants are kid friendly.

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            I have to conditionally second that. We occasionally do takeout there. Most things are ok, but nothing out of the ordinary. But their seafood dishes have always been overcooked. The fish, which usually includes "sealegs", is chewy and flavorless. It's convenient, which is the only reason we ever go there. But with Bando open, that will be our choice in the future.

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              Perhaps the opening of Bando will give Crown Palace an incentive to improve.

        2. Maybe not exactly what you're looking for but I think Hibachi might be a lot of fun for a kid. Arirrang is located right on RT9 in Sayreville and to me seems like the kind of place a kid would be impressed by.

          1. What about Cart Service Dim Sum at Sunny Palace on Rt 18 in Old Bridge near the East Brunswick border. I think it is from 11-3 on Saturday and Sunday.

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              Good recommendation. My kids love dim sum at Sunny Palace.