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Nov 8, 2008 02:22 AM

Wichita Restaurant review: El Gaucho

It's not that new but I wanted to post about a unique restaurant that we have visited a couple times in Wichita, KS, called El Gaucho. It's located on W. 21st, between Tyler & Maize. The owners are from South America. Fairly upscale dining ($$$), but if you like grilled meats, they are good and authentic. The theme is somewhat Argentinian pampas, with relief murals on the wall and the dining room is very open with lots of windows. More recently, they have begun serving food churrasco style (like I had when I was in Brazil!). They give you a stick--green on one end and red on the other. At first the red side is on top while you eat from the "salad" buffet (which includes more than salads--lots of side dishes, tapas, etc.). Then when you are ready for the meats, you turn the green side up and the chefs bring large skewers of meat around to each table and they will cut off some for you if you like. Each diner has a pair of tongs to take what they cut off. I have always gotten full before all of the various meat types were brought around--there are usually about 10 choices. My husband didn't like the blood sausage (an acquired taste, I think), but he liked everything else, and he's much more narrow than I am in his food tastes. There were ribs, chicken, various cuts of roasted beef & pork. My FAVORITE part is actually the bread and toppings!! I could make a whole meal on that. They bring bread (soft bread with a harder crust) and give you three different toppings. One is a garlic butter, one is an tomato concoction and one is a garlic olive-oil spread with herbs. If you are looking for a nice place for a special meal, they are really good. It isn't often that a restaurant like this opens in West Wichita--usually the east side gets all the good stuff, so it's worth hunting down and trying. Enjoy!

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  1. I did not care for the dining experience. I found that the choice cuts of meat came around
    very infrequently. The waiter and manager both came over to my table and essentially asked what we were waiting around for. We told them we were waiting for a cut of beef that came by earlier. It never showed up. The waiter was doing his very best to get us out of there as quickly as possible. It was a very bad experience.

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      jim054, if you make it up to Overland Park, at Amor de Brazil the servers make a point of asking if there are items that you are wanting to try and see that they come right to you.

    2. FYI -- they're closed. The Wichita restaurant market is a cruel mistress.

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        The one in Overland Park closed in last month. I think the economy is a cruel mistress.

        BTW: That one sold thousands of dollars of gift certificates just before it closed and declared bankruptcy.