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Nov 7, 2008 11:56 PM

Taco Truck with hand-made tortillas!

So I've been to this taco truck umpteen times in the last few months and I've neglected to share.

The truck is located on Vermont (heading North) a couple of blocks south of Santa Monica. Just north of Lockwood, to be exact.

So onto the food. First of all, they have hand-made tortillas, and good ones at that. I mean, I've eaten at plenty of taco trucks, but none with hand made tortillas. They have Quesadillas de Huitlacoche, flor the calabaza and hongos w/ epasote. They serve the quesadillas with lettuce, sour cream and queso fresco, so if you're not into either of these just let them know. Also, the quesadillas are pretty massive too.

They also have tacos, tortas, buritos...the usual. Besides their quesadillas I've only had their tacos, and mulitas. Their carne asada and cabeza are not that great, but their chorizo is yummy.

The truck is usually there everyday except Mondays, anytime after 6. I don't think it stays there very late either, but if you're in the area you should def give it a try.

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  1. this truck is good and they have an amazing and clean salsa bar out front! i love it. this is like the fanciest truck i've ever been to. i've only been here late (around midnight) and there's always a crowd.

    there's also a korean truck around the corner that i have not tried yet.

    1. There's also a truck on the corner of Sunset and Logan that does hand-made tortillas. In a word, divine.

      Don't get it mistaken with the other taco truck that shares the other side of the intersection, this one is the closest one to the Von's/Cvs or whatever big store that is.

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      1. re: troublemaker

        Another taco truck Gordito Lupitas in Glassel Park also has handmade tortillas.

        Tacos are 1.25 and are larger then your average one dollar taco. They also do handmade Gorditas and Huaraches.

        I eat here about three times a week sometimes more. I've tried just about every kind of meat they serve and my favorites is their Lengua.

        There have been write ups before about this truck. You can find it by taking the 2 freeway Verdugo exit on Eagle Rock blvd. Make a right onto Eagle Rock blvd and go about a quarter mile. It's hard to miss it's a big taco truck.

        One thing I've been curious about lately is are these tacos being made by scratch with the vendors pre-making the dough themselves or can it be bought pre-made.

        Why I ask is one time at a taco stand that was making Huaraches. I saw the woman getting the dough ready and it was being stored in a plain commercial cardboard box. The kind of box you would find in the food industry business. It could of been she was just using an old box for the dough storage but it got me to thinking that it may be possible to buy it fresh but pre-made.

        One last tip if your in a hurry... it takes a lot longer for the Gorditas then the tacos.

        1. re: burntwater

          Yes, many of these trucks either make the masa dough, or buy it at a tortilleria where they then store it and press it out and cook it with each order. It's glorious.

        2. re: troublemaker

          I love this truck. I don't know the name of it. I know it says Tacos Arabes real big on the side, but I believe that is advertising that they serve tacos arabes, not that the name is that. They park right in front of the Santa Fe Tortilleria, after 7 but not on Mondays.

          But seriously, I love this truck.

          1. re: MoreMolecules

            Hey molecules, Which truck is it that you tried (the good one with handmade tortillas)? Where is it located? Is it the one on Vermont? Glassel Park?

        3. When I read this post, I got all excited because I thought it was the truck I've been looking for -->

          I checked it out last night, and alas, it was not the same one. However, the tortillas did have a handmade quality to them (irregular, slightly thicker), though I didn't see them making them on the truck. The truck I'm looking for had a lady sitting on the truck making the tortillas with a tortilla press. They are definitely fresher tasting and cornier.

          However, I did enjoy this new truck's carne asada tacos quite a bit. The meat had a nice smokiness to it... almost too much to be authentic - I'm guessing there may be a smoke flavoring in the marinade. Real or not, I enjoyed the smokiness. This truck is also much more generous with the meat. The other truck is quite chintzy with the meat, which normally would be a problem but the lack of meat makes the corniness of the tortillas that much more prominent, which is a good thing in my book.

          Anyway, this new truck is definitely a good find and I will be back when I get a taco craving, so thanks, hambriento!

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          1. re: soniabegonia

            Of course, glad you enjoyed it! It may have been that they had a few recently pressed tortillas on hand for your order, but the late nights we've come to truck to order food, I have most certainly seen one of the people inside pressing out tortillas

            In addition to the corn tortillas they use for their tacos, I will pretty often order a quesadilla because of the flakey and crispy flour tortilla they use with it.

            I'm actually a big fan of the "nasty bits" of meat like the lengua, buche, suadero, etc... My friend swears by their al pastor, though I've yet to try it myself.

          2. i am going there for dinner tonight. i love nothing more than a handmade tortilla. a machine made not 100% fresh tortillla should not even be called the same thing. not even the same food. thanks, this taco truck is not far from me.