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Nov 7, 2008 08:57 PM

Sunday Suppers or Other Bargain for Birthday 11/16

My foodie boyfriend's birthday is 11/16. I am taking about 6 people out to dinner. Any recommendations where there can be some control over the check? Thanks!

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  1. it would help if you'd give us a rough idea as to
    1) how much you want to spend
    2) what types of food are acceptable
    3) roughly what parts of town will you consider

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    1. re: westsidegal

      1. perhaps $90.00 per person, alcohol and gratuity included
      2 Continental/american or latin american/spanish/european
      3 downtown to santa monica
      4 thanks so much for the response!

    2. I really enjoy Dar Magrebs for birthday parties. It's in Hollywood and within your budget. Have fun.

      1. A budget of $90 inclusive per person goes pretty far if the focus is on the food and each guest has a glass of wine or a single cocktail. But with the price of cocktails topping $10 apiece at many of the stylish places around town, if you factor as many as three drinks per person -- certainly not out of ordinary for a BD party -- you are now down to about $50 or less per person for food, etc. unless people are going to be buying their own drinks or picking up rounds, which also wouldn't be unusual for a BD. Just saying, you better know which is which beforehand or you can set yourself up for a real shock at the end of the night.

        That being said, you mentioned that the guest of honor is a foodie. Some good and conventional choices would be Wilshire, in Santa Monica, which is a popular place to celebrate (particularly on a nice night on their patio) and offers a BBQ night on Sundays. The BBQ items can help keep the budget in check, but I don't know if that is really their specialty, though they've been doing it for awhile. Friaiche, in Culver City, has a trendy menu and is open on Sunday nights. I also thought of the new location of Father's Office, in the Helms complex which officially is Culver City adjacent. While its menu gets little notice beyond the famous burger, a lot of the other items are innovative and top notch. Yes, it is bar service and a group of six would hardly qualify as a large enough party to reserve, but a Sunday night shouldn't be difficult if a couple of you got there a bit early to snag a table. While FO specializes in beers, the new location serves some boutique hard alcohol.

        Personally, I'd start the party somewhere ethnic where your party can eat, perhaps with some inexpensive beer and wine, and go crazy with the food leaving you with a moderate check, then move the party somewhere for drinks where the tab can be shared. A foodie would enjoy the southern Thai specialties at Jitlada, the Oaxacan food at Monte Alban, or some Korean BBQ. Another option would be a Brazilian churrascurria for unlimited meat sliced from skewers along with a cold and hot salad and side bar -- there is a good one at extremely low prices (about $20 per person or so) in Culver City -- Brasa Brasil or something close to that. Good luck, have fun, report back.

        1. Back in June, I went to a group dinner at One Sunset in W. Hollywood. They are part of the STK group. They serve American comfort food in a Hollywood lounge setting. ( Decor was really nice. Great for groups because the dishes were designed to be shared.

          I was very surprised at how good the food was. The beet salad and sliders were among the best I had in a while. The mushroom flatbread with truffle oil was awesome. Generous portions too. Drinks were expensive though ($12 to $18 per coctail). Our group decided to get bottle service instead. The manager offered us a bottle of Grey Goose for $250 with all mixers included because we were having dinner there. The total tab came to around $80 to $90 per person for a group of 6.

          We went on a Friday, and at about 10:30pm they moved some tables away to make a dancefloor. The place got packed with the young Hollywood crowd, but we left before the real partying started. Overall, we had a great time.

          1. $90pp will easily cover Lucques' Sunday Supper. The Sunday menu is posted on their website every Wednesday.