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Nov 7, 2008 06:59 PM

New candy discoveries this Halloween?

I found caramel candy corn and chocolate caramel candy corn this year. They were new to me and intriguing. I caved and bought them in the post holiday sale. The caramel is pretty good!
I'm pacing myself, so can't report on the caramel chocolate...

How 'bout you? Lets hear about the good, the bad and the so-so!

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  1. Take Five bars. Freakin' A, those are good.

    I had never had Butterfinger bars either, until two Halloweens ago. I don't like candy with peanuts like Snickers or Baby Ruth, so I always avoided Butterfingers too. But damn, they were amazing. I could have been eating Butterfingers for the first 28 years of my life -- why didn't anyone warn me?

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    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

      Welcome to the cult of the Butterfinger! Now go forth and search for a Clark Bar; they're even more deliciously addictive....Adam

      1. re: adamshoe

        Wait just a minute - they still make Clark Bars? I haven't seen one in years! I can still remember just how good they are.

        Dammit, now I'm going to have to go searching for one! they were such an integral part of my own Halloween trick or treating experiences. I can't believe I forgot about them! I KNEW I never should have opened this thread. I've been happily finishing up my left-over Reese's p.b. cups and mini Kit-Kats, not even dreaming of what was missing...

        1. re: Catskillgirl

          If you live near a World Market, they often have Clarke Bars. Sometimes Target has them.

        2. re: adamshoe

          I never really liked Butterfingers, and I ended up with a bunch left over from this I chopped them up and threw them into peanut butter cookies...omg, I will never make PB cookies without them again!!! DROOL

          1. re: fallingup

            i like butterfingers, but probably would like them even more in pb cookies! thanks for the tip, fallingup.

        3. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

          I thought I hated Baby Ruth and Snickers because my dad told me I'd hate them. He loved peanuts and had a blast "helping me" eat my Halloween loot. It was years before I figured out his game!

          1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

            even better than butterfingers are the reese's crispy crunchy bars, which i had for the first time this halloween. they are similar to butterfingers, but actually have peanut butter layers mixed with the crunchy candy layers and some finely chopped peanuts throughout (more like crunchy peanut butter, than big peanuts like snickers or baby ruth.)

            i gave these out sparingly after tasting one and kept them for myself!

          2. I found a Reece's Whips in my kids' candy bag. YUCK! Butterfinger Crisp, on the other hand--divine. . .

            1. The caramel candy corn is gone!

              Opened the chocolate caramel. The caramel flavor is not very distinct. The chocolate flavor is very similar to a tootsie roll, but doesn't hit you over the head to the same degree. So if you enjoy tootsie rolls, but not the chewiness, this might be the candy for you!

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              1. re: meatn3

                I love candy corn so I was delighted to find these variations on the original, but I as disappointed when I looked at the ingredients. I don't get why the regular corn can be free of hydrogenated oils, but they have to use this stuff for the caramel and chocolate.

                1. re: Humbucker

                  I purposely didn't look - I was craving sugar and blissful ignorance!

                  Good point though. I suspect since the new ones are so seasonal they figured it was easier to sneak them through...

              2. I second the caramel and choc caramel candy corn! I also found hershey's kisses filled with some sort of spiced pumkin creme. I though it sounded gross at first but they were very tasty.

                1. even though it is sick, this past halloween, i fell in absolute love with the hershey's candy corn flavoured kisses. it was a sick obsession with me easily finishing a bag a day. the non-distinct sickly sweet candy flavour that was more like cotton candy than candy corn kept me coming back for more.