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Nov 7, 2008 06:27 PM

Seafood (not Legal) in Cambridge?

I'm drawing a blank on this one.

I have an important out-of-town visitor to entertain for dinner next week. They are on a diet and suggested that we find a place with seafood - or otherwise something light. Another member of the party is vegetarian. Ideal location would be in Cambridge, with a slight preference for Harvard Square. Does not need to be very fancy - Rialto would be overdoing it - but we're not talking Courthouse Seafood either.

Any ideas? Of course the place need not be solely seafood, but a couple of lighter options is what we're looking for.

Come to think of it, Oleana would fit the bill, although I was just there recently. Others?


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  1. East Coast Grill, Blue Room, and Rendezvous all do perfectly competent, sometimes outstanding seafood, as well as a number of lighter grilled choices.

    Chez Henri always has one or two lightish seafood dishes on the menu (although I always go for the heavy Cubano sandwiches at the bar). Atasca is a little further away, but has plenty of lighter seafood options.

    1. how about east coast grill in Inman square? not sure if its too casual for you. I would probably go to oleana though.

      1. Harvest in Harvard Square.

        1. Casablanca's menu has a number of smaller plates, many of which are seafood or vegetarian. The bar is quite cozy.