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Nov 7, 2008 06:22 PM

MSP - Chef's Table in Kitchen

I'm trying to plan special dinner for 6. (3 of six all have birthdays with in 6 days. 2 on the same day!)

Would like to do a chef's table in a restaurant kitchen.

Last Thursday (10/30/08) or Friday (10/30/08) Twin Cities Live on Channel 5 mentioned a restaurant with a 6 seat chef's table for $125 per person in their "Steal and Splurge" segment.

Any one know which restaurant that was? or does anyone have any suggestions for similar "splurges" (since this definately ain't a steal)?



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  1. It could be Corner Table. Did you actually see the inside of the kitchen during the clip?

    1. Vincent has a chef's table that seats six, and they'll let you walk around the kitchen asking questions (as long as you don't overdo it).

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      1. re: Brad Ballinger

        I think you nailed it... It's Vincent.

        Thanks much!

        1. re: s4zando

          If so, the price has certainly gone up.

          1. re: Brad Ballinger

            The chef's table at Vincent is a great experience. Perhaps the $125 price includes wine.

      2. I have eaten at the kitchen table at the Corner Table two times. Both rank amongst the very best dining experiences of my life. Scott Pampuch (chef/owner) tells me that the price includes "us cooking for you until you tell us to stop". I can recommend the experience highly.

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        1. re: L Hoff

          L: What's the cost of the dinner? Does it include wine or is that extra? Do you know if they have a corking fee?

          1. re: s4zando

            Their corkage fee, generally, is applied every night but Thursday. Thursday night is free corkage.

            My husband handled the money the last time we did the 'Feed us till we are rolling out the door' at the Chef's table. He remembers it being between 200-250 for 2 people inclusive of wine.

            We also did this with a couple who doesn't normally go out to dinner due to her allergy issues. Lisa (Scot was Outstanding in the Field that night) and the rest of the kitchen were excellent sending out dishes for her when ours would have been problematic. A printed list of allergies was of course provided for the kitchen to assist.

            1. re: s4zando

              Sorry for my tardy reply.

              Scott tells me that the table is $125 per person, and I believe that it includes wine or beer. I'd call to verify. They have a very good beer list, for those that may not know. It's not big, but it's mighty.

              It's a very good time, and they can cook you to a happy place for that much $$.

          2. I know that Cosmos and Chambers also have Chef's tables, but I've never been to either. I've been dying to try one sometime though! If you go, be sure to come back and give us an update!

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            1. re: Seige

              You should confirm this info with the restaurants. It's my understanding that the Chambers "chef's" table is not in the kitchen.

              As an aside, my wife and I recently had the tasting menu with the accompanying wine at Chambers for a special occasion and (a) thought it was a great meal and (b) thought it was a good bargain (but not cheap).

            2. this is great information. i hadn't ever thought about reserving a chef's table. fun!