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Nov 7, 2008 06:04 PM

MSP-A quiet, intimate bar?

Looking for a nice quiet adult bar. Not a lot of racket/television/music/frenetic energy. For example, if it still existed, the little bar at the Whitney Hotel would have been perfect.Just a skilled bartender and a place for a quiet conversation between a couple of fiftysomethings that could get a tad emotional. Emotional good or bad remains to be seen. Snacks wouldn't hurt. Location less important than its qualities. And unfortunately, on a Saturday night. I don't make the conditions, I just have to try to meet them...
Suggestions are welcome, if not downright longed for.
Thanks, all!

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  1. Well, obviously I'd steer clear of popular DT locales. Maybe Nicollet Island Inn or 20.21 or B.A.N.K or Napa Valley Grille at the MOA?

    I guess I'd lean into the Nic Isle Inn....

    1. Okay, I'm going to let you in on one of those "this really exists?" places...

      At the very back of The News Room is a very small wine bar called Taste. I don't know if they serve more than wine, but they do serve food (which is way better than you get next door). Hardly anyone is ever there. If you want even more remote/intimate, go up the stairs in the wine bar to the mezzanine level. Even fewer people go there, and on a weeknight you will likely be the only ones. Don't know about Saturday.

      If you don't want to walk through The News Room, there is a separate entrance off Nicollet Mall (but it's easy to miss).

      The bar at Nicollet Island Inn is also an excellent recommendation, and parking is free.

      1. The bar at La Belle Vie would be perfect. Expertly mixed drinks, extensive wine collection, delicious food if wanted and lots of nooks and comfortable seats to tuck into.

        1. If wine only is acceptable, I'd suggest Bev's Wine Bar. It's always quiet there. The bar at Cosmos is usually fairly quiet and I'd imagine the same is true at D'Amico Cucina.

          I would imagine that the bar at Vincent might be ok, but am less sure about that.

          1. Thank you all for some excellent suggestions. We ended up at the lobby bar at The Saint Paul, moved up the time, and our afternoon worked out well for all parties. I can see here, though, a number of useful suggestions for future quiet drinks.
            Not much to report about the lobby bar-the hootch selection is not terribly broad, especially compared to the main bar over in the Grill, but it was adequate for our purposes. The menu was limited to apps, and we didn't try any of them.
            thanx again!