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Nov 7, 2008 06:02 PM

MD suburbs good, cheap eats

Looking for delicious, inexpensive, perhaps family owned, and definitely homemade non-chain restaurants in the MD suburbs (I live in Gtown, but anything is good. If you think of something in DC or NoVA I wouldn't mind hearing about it either).

I'm thinking something ala Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, although doesn't have to fit that category (aka it can be clean :P) as long as it is inexpensive (~$15or less for an entree).

The only place I can come up with is a family owned Greek place in Gaithersburg. Any help appreciated.

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  1. In Germantown there's Johnny's Kabob in the shopping center behind DSW. Also, I've heard good things about La Brasa Grill in the shopping center where Rita's is located. For Mexican, Cafe Tacuba in the Fox Chapel center.

    1. What's the family-owned Greek place in Gaithersburg?

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        On Snouffer School road used to be called Vasili's, now called Mythos. Owner moved to Kentlands and opened a new Vasili's (also good, but a bit more expensive, and more expansive menu) and the original chef (Nick I believe?) stayed at the original location and renamed it. I've loved it for a long time. Best tzatziki I've ever had.

        1. re: thejavuar

          Actually, there are two Greek places in Gaithersburg. The other one is the Athens Grill, in the shopping center accross from the Goshen Giant. ( This place is the one the Washingtonian wrote up recently--and very favorably. I haven't been there in a while (since we moved out of Montgomery Village), but we always liked it.

      2. In Bethesda, there's the Tastee Diner and Moby Dick's House of Kebab (both have more than one location, but I don't think they qualify as "chains"). Guardado's is very good, although it costs a bit more than those two.

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          I love Moby Dick House Of kabob-great suggestion...

        2. Urban Barbeque- Rockville
          Pana Thai- Derwood
          Fu Shin: Gaithersburg (Chinese)
          Biscotti: Derwood (Italian)
          Azucar: Layhill/Silverspring (latin)
          Sunshine Market: Sunshine MD (a true Diners, Drive-in and Dive place with outstanding Burgers, breakfast and other sandwiches in a bait store/gas station/ convienence store circa 1950

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          1. re: dining with doc

            The last--and only--time we went to Biscotti, we were distinctly underwhelmed. Not bad, but for the price, we expected better.

            1. re: dining with doc

              I've done a number of searches and can't find the address and phone of the Sunshine Market. Can you help? Thanks

              1. re: zich6

                Sunshine Market is at the crossroads hamlet of Sunshine where New Hampshire Avenue and Georgia Avenue intersect just north of Brookville, MD. It's near the Tridelphia Resevoir. We often go there before or after fishing at the lake.

            2. Flor de la Canela - Great Peruvian (not just chicken!) in Gaithersburg
              Tai Shan - Good authentic in Chinese in Montgomery Village
              Thai Jasmine Bistro - Great Thai in Gaithersburg
              Urban Burger - Good cheap burgers in Rockville
              Pho 75 - Best pho in the area, in Rockville
              Italian Pines - Good homestyle Italian in Gaithersburg
              China Bistro - Great dumplings and above average Americanized Chinese food
              Ambrosia Grill - Good greek in Rockville
              Growler's - Good brewpub in Gaithersburg - not everything on the menu is great but their gameday specials are really good
              El Tapatio #2 - Great Mexican in Gaithersburg
              Plato's - Out of the way in College Park, but one of the best diners in the area.

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              1. re: reiflame

                On Thurs, Fri and Sat morning-early afternoon, Lancaster County Dutch Market in Germantown -- besides the Amish stalls, is a breakfast/lunch place with items such as chicken pot pie. It's right off of I-270.

                12613 Wisteria Dr
                Germantown, MD 20874
                (301) 916-4039

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                  Went to Flor de la Canela tonight (Rockville location). It was very good, with attentive service. It's quite meat-heavy, which is typical of Peruvian food, of course. The Rellenos were very well fried. The portions are generous.

                  1. re: reiflame

                    I would add La Limina to your list of really good Peruvian food. Located in Richie Center, Rockville on the Pike. Love the chicken of course and was able to duplicate the green sauce which accompanies the chicken.

                    1. re: reiflame

                      According to my daughter, the UMD grad, Plato's is bad. But she grew up on Jersey diners so she might be biased.

                      1. re: cantkick

                        I'll second your daughter. You have to be a lousy Greek diner to serve those horrible pre-packaged grey bologna and call it a "gyro." Marathon Deli up the street and Gyromania in Beltsville both do better.

                        Also for cheap eats in the Beltsville area:

                        Da Rae Won for handmade Korean noodles.


                        Myong Dong for Korean fried chicken.


                        Gah Rahm does decent buffet and tabletop grilled stuff.


                        YiaYia is another good Greek place.


                        Sardi's does good Peruvian chicken.


                        1. re: cantkick

                          I've only ever had breakfast food there (at non-breakfast appropriate times) and that has always been good. Can't comment on the rest of the menu.