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Nov 7, 2008 05:45 PM

22nd Birthday Dinner

I'm looking for a place to go to dinner for my 22nd birthday with a group of my girl friends. We want something nice, not overly expensive (we've done Angelo and Maxies and Balthazar in the past). Somewhere with a good singles/ bar/ attractive male scene would be good too, and something just fun. Ideas?

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  1. Buddakan, great bar and food. Lots of singles. not overly expensive. If you did Balthazar then maybe Pastis, its the same owners, similar atmosphere. Then after dinner go for drinks on the top of the Gaansvoort Hotel across the street

    1. How many people? When is your birthday? Are you OK with waiting or do you want to make a reservation? Any location preferences? Are they serious foodies or want more of a fun scene?

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        It'll be for about 8-10 people, birthday is later November before Thanksgiving. I'd like to make a reservation because we have a larger party. Location doesn't matter too much, but we'd like to have places to go for drinks after without going to another part of town. Not serious foodies, we want more of a fun scene/experience thats good for 21-28 year olds.

        1. re: CaitG

          bacaro is your place, but call they may not take reservations