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Nov 7, 2008 05:13 PM

Restaurants in Chinatown, DC

I would like to eat in Chinatown, DC, tomorrow night. Do my fellow Chowhounds have any recommendations? Thanks for your advice.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Little late but thought I would weigh in - Chinatown is arguably the best neighborhood to eat in but not if you are looking for Chinese food! If i had my pick I would say Cafe Atlantico for latin food, Proof for a wine centered menu or Rasika for the best Indian food you have ever had.

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      1. re: anunez

        Rasika might be the best Indian food YOU have ever had, but it's a bit wimpy and European for me to wax eloquent. In fact, I don't consider Indian at all, just a Euro take on Indian food.

        Do yourself a favor and get a quarter tandoori chicken and the dahi vada from Punjab Dhaba and you'll see what you've been missing. A potent one-two combination.

        1. re: Steve

          Steve, is Punjab Dhaba in Chinatown? If not, where? I've never heard of it but based on your rec would love to try it.

          1. re: dcandohio

            It's in Falls Church, VA on rte 50 in Loehmann's Plaza. Unfortunately you'll need a car. It's a small place with a meager and unappetizing buffet. Skip that.

            I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression that I don't like Rasika. I've been there three times and I look forward to going back. But the food can't satisfy the craving I have for straight up Indian.

        2. re: anunez

          Unfortunately, anunez, I have to disagree with you completely on the Rasika rec. I took my sister and her husband there for my sis' birthday and it was terrible, and not to mention overpriced for the very terrible Indian food. I found the sauces to be just butter and cream, with no real flavor (I am Indian, and didn't find the food to be authentic at all). If you are looking for some good Indian recommendations, try Raaga at 7 corners. MUCH better. Their keema naan is delicious!

          As for other restaurants in Chinatown, I've enjoyed Zengo the last 4 times I've been there. It's a very creative menu with latin and japanese fusion. The cocktails are yum too! I've recommended that place to half a dozen of my friends in NOVA (when they've been down at Verizon for concerts at stuff), and it's been a hit every time.

        3. There are SO many great choices in Chinatown. Try Proof, Oyamel, Rasika (especially the carrot halwa--yum), Jaleo (still wonderful I think), Zaytinaya, or Poste. For post dinner drinks and chocolate try Co Co Sala.

          1. Well what about actual CHINESE places in china town. Ive been there more times than I can count (usually stumbling over late at night after hitting RFD or wherever) and Ive never been thoroughly impressed with any place there. They all seem ok. Any one or couple of places really stand out in China Town among the actual Chinese restaurants there?

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              The short story is that the really good Chinese food is in the suburbs. I think Full Kee in Chinatown is passable, but that's only from what people here say. Do a search for more info.