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Nov 7, 2008 05:11 PM

Dinner in Calgary with 2 kids Sat Nov 8th

We will be in downtown Calgary tomorrow night. We are staying at the Fairmont for just one night before proceeding to Banff.

Walking distance from 9th Ave SW would be great. The kids are well behaved 10/12.

I am not looking for an expensive meal, but good hearty food would be nice. We will be eating early as we have to be at the South Fish Creek Rec Centre for 7:30.

If there is a place near the rec centre that would be good too.

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  1. Pheonix Grill
    16061 MacLeod Trail SE
    Calgary, AB T2Y 3S5
    (403) 509-9111
    North American with a Pacific Rim influence. Its pretty good, and within a couple KM of the rink.
    There is also a Moxies and East Side Marios in the same vacinity.
    Plan for a GOOD half hour drive down McLeod Tr to 162nd AVE
    The rink is south of the YMCA and across the street from the HomeDepot. You'll pass a 2nd Cup and Tims on your way....guessing you'll need a coffee
    There is a Starbucks in the Chapters in the same complex as Pheonix Grill.
    Welcome to Calgary and have a great time here and in Banff.

    1. Walking distance from The Fairmont are lots of nice restaurants on Stephen Ave (8 Ave SW 1 St SE to 4 St SW)...

      Milestone's comes to mind right away for hearty food, and a comfortable place for kids (not too stuffy)... It is a chain but I think their menu (from burgers to decent steaks) has come a long way.

      For something a bit different, Mango Shiva offers modern Indian.

      107 8th Avenue SE

      Mango Shiva
      218 Stephen Ave. S.W.

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      1. re: alau2

        I would second the reco for Milestones. It's a chain and almost certainly kid friendly. I went there for brunch once and there were plenty of families. Also, the one downtown has good food. The one in the NW isn't doing as well.

      2. Other Restaurants on Stephen avenue that you might enjoy, that are reasonably priced include:

        Juan's (Mexican)
        7-232 8 Avenue SW
        (403) 266-0051

        Rose Garden Thai
        207 8th Avenue SW

        Palomino Smokehouse (Southern BBQ
        )109 7 Avenue SW
        (403) 532-1911

        All within 2 blocks of the Fairmont.

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        1. re: foodosopher

          NB Palomino is on 7th Ave not Stephen Ave

          Falafel King might be a good choice too, on the 100 W block of Stephen next to Flames Central

          Cafe Koi might be an interesting option, on 1st St SW b/t 10 and 11 aves

          1. re: John Manzo

            Whoops - right you are! Thanks for the correction.

            1. re: foodosopher

              You're just one street off :-) but as we all know there is a big... difference... between 7th and 8th Aves.

              1. re: John Manzo

                Uh yeah..just slightly :) One won't get killed walking down the middle of 8th avenue!

        2. I would stick to somewhere near the arena. I would suggest the Greek Restaurant. Its on the right hand side of Shawville Blvd in the corner by the Zellers. Phoenix Grill is ok as well. If you want Sushi, Tokyo Garden is on your way to the arena. Its on the corner of McLeod and Southland. There is an Earls along the way too. If you want decent mexican, Salt and Pepper is along the way.

          My first choice near the arena would be the Greek place. The lamb is awesome there and the souvlaki is very good as well. Hearty plates, not expensive and its a small place.

          Edit: Its called Greek Plaka

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          1. re: danniek

            Palomino is a great Idea. My kids love it as it's a bit of an adventure. You can eat with hands. The food is great, even if most of it needs a bit of salt. easy enough to fix I say. And when you leave you'll smell like apple wood smoke.

            1. re: sueflay

              So it would be kid-friendly? Is it nice and loud to drown out my kids potential loudness? Real tough to find a decent restaurant you can take young kids to without being terrified of them doing something to offend fellow customers.