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Nov 7, 2008 04:18 PM

Inn at Crystal Lake, Eaton, NH

How is this place?

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  1. I stayed here approx. one year ago while attending a concert at the Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield Maine. Its a cool little place but we were a bit dissappointed that not all parts of the inn were open. The owners who were very nice, were busy with family coming into town and they would not be around during our stay. There was a pub on site (which was closed) and the dining room (also closed). The menu looked fabulous but we did not have a chance to taste anything from it. They do make homemade cookies for the guests that were divine. They have a recipe for their double chocolate chip cookies on their web site. We were given vouchers for breakfast at the Eaton Genreal store (a short walk down the street) and it was great. Very friendly, filled with locals and great food. They have nice sitting rooms on the first floor and if you are an opera buff, they have an enormous catalog of opera music in their entertainment area. I would stay there again, but only if the dining room and/or pub were open. Make sure to buy a calling card as there is no cell phone service there. I have attached some pics of our stay.

    1. My wife and I finally went there tonight.

      We ate in the pub - very eclectic decorations. And, a nice quiet, friendly crowd.

      Martinis were well prepared and tasty. Oh, by the way martinis are made with gin.

      We started with the Bruschetta appetizer. It was a little sweet, but good nevertheless.

      My wife had scallops that she loved. I had salmon, my standby. I have to say that lately I have been unable to get decent salmon except at home. This, however, was excellent. After only one visit, it's early to say, but this could become a favorite restaurant.

      1. OMG...I grew up three houses down from this place.